who have you gotten a pentakill with?

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User Info: FiveSeven77

5 years ago#21
Vayne for normal games.
Multiple pentas with yi and kat in aram.
All planned.
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User Info: JiminyTheDingo

5 years ago#22
My only penta was with Vayne, but that was in ARAM so nobody cares. Aside from that, the closest I ever came was as Olaf. I got a quadra and was still healthy. I was on the last guy, but my allied Garen hadn't ulted yet, so yeah. Sadlaf.
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User Info: Tony2Cap

5 years ago#23
fizz with a galio ult combo
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User Info: BabySh0es

5 years ago#24
twitch, renekton, pantheon, kha zix, and talon I believe...gotten quadras with like 15 champs though

User Info: myg0t_stk

5 years ago#25
Jayce, it was an unofficial penta, the other team had a super fed karthus who was extremely ballsy and decided to go head-on first into baron while we were doing it and their team was 3 seconds behind of him so I picked them off one by one

edit: i've been playing since before or during the talon patch so about 8/24/11 so ive gone almost 2 years without a penta
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User Info: teh_hellspawn

5 years ago#26
MF, Varus, Vayne, Shaco.
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User Info: Valefor500

5 years ago#27
Yi Kata ez akali Evelyn kayle vayne. As you can see mostly ad cuz they ez to penta.
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User Info: HagenEx

5 years ago#28
3 pentas, all with Draaaaaaaaaaaven. Never achieved a penta with anything else.

User Info: Voidgolem

5 years ago#29
Urgot, Teemo, Xin Zhao, Tryndamere, and Skarner, if memory serves.

I've gotten close a few times with Darius and Hecarim.

User Info: Suicidal Smurf

Suicidal Smurf
5 years ago#30
ap rengar was my most funny one
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  3. who have you gotten a pentakill with?

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