adc and support mid,

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User Info: gfshynobl

5 years ago#1
all my friend and i been running, adc and support mid.
its been working really.

been doing j4/nunu/alistar or vayne same comp
you can easily shutdown top/mid/jungle

easy low elo wins.
You guys should really try it.
EL fudge Mph:Africabot LoL:africabot

User Info: Gevauden

5 years ago#2
Top and Bot can easily come and gank you 2.

Yes u got lucky in lower Elo but still...
Don't you ever question my motives

User Info: supershadonic

5 years ago#3
You should try ADC mid with mag res runes. Destroys mid. Especially graves. Start with Boots and 3 potions.
Have Flat Mag Res Blue and Yellow
Flat AD Reds and Quints or HP Regen per 5 Quints and get Boot 1 potion and 1 ward 2 secs after start

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