All of this Christmas spirit is contagious...

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  3. All of this Christmas spirit is contagious...

User Info: _RaveMaster_

5 years ago#91
I guess I'll do my part and fill in the lurker quota.
ID- Desinus

User Info: mario753

5 years ago#92
Early Merry Christmas :D

IGN: Seitokaisen
One has distress. Another got hopeless longing.
There, accept such sorrow, Our precious treasured place "MAHORABA"

User Info: ssj98_gotenks

5 years ago#93


You know me tho

User Info: ThisIsAKnoife

5 years ago#94
i'm a lurker, here for rp and stuff
ign: Derpus EXTREME
AFK: Attack, fight, kill!! The healer is telling you to go pull mobs.
WTF: Way to fight! The healer is applauding your tactical genius

User Info: B0o0m

5 years ago#95

User Info: Dredj

5 years ago#96
EUW = Dredj (main)
NA = zDredj

User Info: CyberSlasherX

5 years ago#97
hi babes
LoL: lilkamikazi

User Info: Forsakenhotc

5 years ago#98
Neothesephiroth and thanks ahead if i get lucky and win
PSN: UlquiorrasHeir

User Info: Orange_Crush554

5 years ago#99
Siberior! :)

User Info: benyhanna

5 years ago#100
IGN - B3NJI Merry x mas to you :D
By reading this you are distracted by a distraction causing another distraction to distract you from the original distraction you were distracted by.
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  3. All of this Christmas spirit is contagious...

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