Survivability Items on DPS/Mage

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User Info: The Hye Circus

The Hye Circus
7 years ago#1
What do you guys get, and how many? And, why not, when in the build?
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User Info: mattislegion

7 years ago#2
Banshee's veil. Any time.
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User Info: Reikken

7 years ago#3
Abyssal Scepter for AP guys. It's so good.
Quicksilver Sash if they have a lot of CC with lethal durations
just a plain old negatron cloak or chain mail for midgame to get my effective armor/MR off of 0 after their penetration if they're doing too much damage
Guardian Angel lategame if getting focused a lot or if you have stacks
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User Info: ArmyOfWin

7 years ago#4
BV every game from the early catalyst.

Zhonyas Hourglass sometimes too if its a long game and the situation calls.

Get RoA/Rylais occasionally but not really a big fan of either of these except on certain champs.

User Info: BIadeBIade

7 years ago#5
Frozen Heart, Zhyona, and Abyssal are my main defensive items on mages.
I also buy QSS if there's a Malzahar.
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