LeBlance. I know I'm probably doing it wrong, but..

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User Info: verozo

7 years ago#1
People say she's the queen of burst, exactly how can she do that early-mid game? I'm still a newbish player, but I find veigar to be easier to burst with. LeBlanc skills are just too.. ticklish? I like to use her and would definitely need advice to use her effectively.

User Info: verozo

7 years ago#2
And whoops. ^ Topic Leblanc, mispelled.

User Info: ISamfisherI

7 years ago#3
Q>R>W is your lane harass, before that, spam Q.
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User Info: Stobbart

7 years ago#4
Not quite. The real damage comes in as soon as level 2. Just focus on last hitting and when the enemy is off guard, throw a q, run closer to him and W on top of them to unleash the seal and W back into place to retreat. Try to harass with this to lower his hp in no time.This combo works well till lvl 6 (level Q>W, get E only if you are good at landing it consistently). After 6, try to W onto them (to close the distance,) Q followed by R and W back.

Especially if you throw an ignite into that last combo, you will be dishing out a lot of burst damage. If you are sure you can land the E (no creeps in the way), you can also go in for the kill since your Q will be off CD before the stun ends.

That's how I get the most out of my leBlanc.
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User Info: dennis941012

7 years ago#5
off topic but whats her best build ? =P
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