How do you deal with Early Blue Buff Steals

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User Info: PNastyyyy

7 years ago#1
For example we had a fiddle jungle. We lost blue, and he pretty much couldn't jungle. But as a general question how do you deal early Blue Buff Steals

User Info: FreshSushi

7 years ago#2
Steal their blue. Do golems, wraiths, wolves, red first.
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User Info: moon1244

7 years ago#3

or attempt to steal wolves in retaliation and die a horrible death :)
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User Info: cuban69

7 years ago#4
There's a few options, depending on your situation.

1) Fiddle jungles without blue
2) Fiddle lanes
3) Fiddle gets an escort (depending on if the other team has a jungler or if it was just a jungle gank), and takes their blue, and then either ganks or gets red and another camp or two and then ganks.

Or a combination of these.

User Info: ZallKlos

7 years ago#5
Lane if you can't jungle without blue. If a team spend enough efforts into taking enemy blue, they should also take measures to prevent their from being stolen.
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User Info: Beech_tibs

7 years ago#6
smite and try not to die to creeps
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User Info: professor x

professor x
7 years ago#7
Alot of champs can't really jungle or at least be useful as a jungler (ie level advantage and gank) without blue. From what I seen personally and streaming from high elos its the entire team's job to protect blue at the start. Don't leave your jungler to dry by himself while the rest of the team sits by the tower happily doing nothing. When a blue takeover happens its usually done by at least 2-3 people, so if your team isn't there for your jungler he is good as dead or at best losing blue and running for his life.

I also find that stealing blue is one of the best way to shut down an enemy jungler. Without blue they lose a good portion of their level advantage and forced to take red early. Which means if the jungler doesn't gank right away after leaving jungle he pretty much will have no red afterward. Or the jungler can still save red last for ganks but be really really slow level wise.
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User Info: Reikken

7 years ago#8
Top and mid cover blue for the jungler so it doesn't get stolen in the first place is how you do it
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User Info: CBrate

7 years ago#9
SOP is rage and blame your team for 10 minutes and then leave.
Didn't you guys learn anything?
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