Jungle warwick

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User Info: darkservant13

7 years ago#1
What runes and masteries should I be using for him? Also, I am only level 15 so I am limited in what I can get. What should I be using for him?

Thank you for your help. :D
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User Info: relssum

7 years ago#2
Save your IP until you hit level 20 so that you can purchase tier 3 runes. At that point, I would recommend:

Seals: Flat Armour
Glyph: Magic Resistance per level
Mark: Attack Speed
Quint: Armour Penetration

Armour penetration Marks and Health Quints are also good buys.
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User Info: starmilski13

7 years ago#3
Armor pen marks are probably more generally useful for other characters, while attack speed marks are more useful for a select group of junglers because they heal on hit. It's probably a better bet to go with armorpen first because there's nobody who 100% needs apsd to jungle and armor pen is better in lane and in fights and on physical skills and basically everything.
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User Info: FerretDruid

7 years ago#4
You should never have anything but armor pen or spell pen in your red slots no matter who you're playing, even WW. Attack speed give him roughly the same damage in the jungle, but don't help his ult in anyway and is NOT worth it just for the passive. He actually benefits greatly from spell pen, and a mix of spell pen and armor pen in red slots / quints is really good. But, for strictly jungling, armor pen are good enough.

You could fill up his yellow and blue slots with attack speed if you wanted. Flat armor yellows are a good investment, though, and will probably help you more until you get a full rune page.
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