Am I building Kass right?

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User Info: Volcarona

7 years ago#1
So yeah, I just recently bought Kass (real fun, btw) but I really don't know if my build is good or not. A few pointers here and there would be nice, especially on what types of runes and items to use.

Summoner spells:

9/0/21 with improved Teleport.

MPen reds, and I have no idea what to use for other ones. Currently I'm thinking of mp5/level, flat CDR blues, and maybe flat AP quints. Need ideas and suggestions for this.

For items I start with Sapphire Crystal and two Health Pots. Upgrade to Catalyst, and then RoA or Banshee's. For boots I usually get Sorcs (or Mercury's). Then I start working on Deathcap. After I finish that, I'll work towards my Archangel's. Am I even doing this right?

User Info: davidaaronk

7 years ago#2
get 8 flat CDR and one scaling to put you at a nicer number. I would just go for standard HP quints.
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User Info: Strife025

7 years ago#3
Kass is the ultimate snowballer and should get Soulstealer. Kass has awesome escape and is an assassin who stays just outside of the battle to burst in on the carries, you should be getting stacks like crazy.

Also I don't really like Teleport on him, I usually only use that on pushers/carries.
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User Info: Blazin_Twilight

7 years ago#4
IMO, if you're feeling good, the crystal should become a Tear. Other than that, I personally prefer Cleanse just to become more unkillable.
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User Info: Shoerardy

7 years ago#5
Might wanna swap Teleport for Cleanse.

User Info: Volcarona

7 years ago#6

From: davidaaronk | #002
get 8 flat CDR and one scaling to put you at a nicer number. I would just go for standard HP quints.

Oh alright. Thanks. What about for quints? Any suggestions on those?

User Info: arfarf624

7 years ago#7
HP is recommended,
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User Info: Defunctive

7 years ago#8
people like to get a catalyst, sorc boots, and a tear
with the cata, they go RoA or BV late game if they're confident about not dying

I personally use mp5/level for yellows and blues
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User Info: ArmyOfWin

7 years ago#9
Run mp5/lvl yellows and flat HP quints.

Blues you can run CDR, AP/lvl or mp5 depending on which suits you more.

I still don't support rushing a BV or an RoA. I never upgrade my catalyst until level 18. Something like catalyst, sorc shoes, deathcap and then considering grabbing your banshees is more effective. Tear (eventually archangels) and Mejais are also both very good items on him, but tear delays your power a bit and mejais is only good if you are accumulating stacks.
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