Free Pantheon?

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User Info: Tokenblack20

7 years ago#1
Heard some people discussing it possible and if so, how?

User Info: zazz9

7 years ago#2
They mailed out codes for free pantheon plus a perseus pantheon skin (free) for people with inactive accounts.... like.... for a really long time.

You missed it.

User Info: Tokenblack20

7 years ago#3
Well cool, havent been inactive at all...guess that'll teach me for playing the game!

User Info: cjpv1

7 years ago#4
What counted as a really long time? I haven't logged on since just before sniper and I received nothing! I spent a lot time not playing LoL I demand my free hero and skin!
`'~-.,_,..-~'```'~ Kirisute;~'```'~-.,_,.-~'``
._.._,.-~'`-`'~-., Gomen;.,_,.-~'`~`'~.~.,

User Info: Mackzz

7 years ago#5
Plz anyone with the EU-used code

can u plz spare the time and code for me?

I'll be in your debt forever

User Info: alvinxie

7 years ago#6
XD the begging starts again?

User Info: IronDomokun

7 years ago#7
I got it and I hadn't played in a week and a half and a friend of mine had been gone for 2 months and didn't get anything. Their distribution seems pretty wonky.

User Info: cjpv1

7 years ago#8
People who say 'plz' when asking for a favor really do make me laugh.
`'~-.,_,..-~'```'~ Kirisute;~'```'~-.,_,.-~'``
._.._,.-~'`-`'~-., Gomen;.,_,.-~'`~`'~.~.,

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