Is there a guide for spending IP?

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User Info: cuban69

7 years ago#11
Runes are useless before 30 anyway. No one else is going to have a good set. I say make 2 generic t3 pages with the all the runes in common except your reds being armor pen and magic pen respectively.

User Info: Reikken

7 years ago#12
I don't get why you wouldn't want to buy T1 runes. They are about 55% as strong as T3 runes but about 7% as expensive. You can buy 27 T1s for the price of 2 T3s, so I'd say just fill up with T1s and focus more on getting champs you like. Go for T3s once you start really getting serious about whatever champ/play style you're going for and know more about the game.
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User Info: Dejanji

7 years ago#13
Level 1 quintessences can stay with you long into tier 3 considering the expenses of buying tier 3 quint's, let alone if you wanted to get some besides flat health.

The best advice might be to get them out of the way first considering the 2k IP costs, but eh, almost all your penetration mark's along with other runes are probably more tempting, heh.
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User Info: FartedKing

7 years ago#14
So you buy runes according to what kind of hero you want to play? What happens if I want to switch it up and play tank for a bit, will I not be as good? Kind of discouraging ):
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User Info: SEANGO91

7 years ago#15
I would suggest at least getting T1 MP5/lvl yellows and blues it really helps when playing champs with mana

User Info: Timpy

7 years ago#16
Playing champions you enjoy is more important than runes. In upper levels everyone has runes to maintain a competitive edge, but here's the rule: Don't buy runes until lvl 20. The reason for this is because at level 20 you're eligible to buy the best kind of runes, and anything you buy before that will be outdated and a waste of IP.

When you do have to start worrying about runes you'll begin by purchasing runes that will work well with most champions. Mana regeneration is seldom a bad thing, although some champions don't use mana it is still very versatile. Cooldown reduction is never a bad thing either. These are the kind of runes you can get to satisfy a diverse cast of champions.

Until then, spend your IP on champions you enjoy. If you're serious about runes, begin saving IP at level 15 (or earlier if you really care, but sometimes you just want that new champion that looks so appealing) and you will be able to get started decently.
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  3. Is there a guide for spending IP?

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