well, its been two weeks.

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User Info: myothracntwsbnd

7 years ago#1
Where the **** is garen? I've been waiting to play him since he was announced..
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User Info: zeroknightxz

7 years ago#2
I thought he was going to come out yesterday.
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User Info: stonewall_hero

7 years ago#3

it's not just garen - it's a patch. The patch needs more work. End of story.

User Info: RaydricLord

7 years ago#4
He will never come out.
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User Info: NeCrOmAnCeR

7 years ago#5
They're trying to fix Kat before having Garen go live cuz of the LOLlore thing.
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  3. well, its been two weeks.

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