Red Pikmin at bridge?

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User Info: no1yoshifan

9 years ago#1
I went to the second stage again to grow more red pikmin, since I just finished the caves in the first place you go to. I started attacking those things that tear up the bridge and all and repaired it, then went on my merry way growing more pikmin. However, when the sunset started there were 30 pikmin left, all around the bridge, but they were not on, or under (though water is under it).

Is this common?
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User Info: Intro1827

9 years ago#2
Pikmin can get glitched into being stuck IN the bridges, so yeah... It can happen
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User Info: hobobob59

9 years ago#3
dont worry this has happened to me a couple of times too. its nothing unusual.

User Info: WaterDumple

9 years ago#4
I've beaten Pikmin 2 15-20 times and never saw that happen. Maybe it's an NPC! Pikmin 2-only glitch.
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