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User Info: Archer_Yoshi

9 years ago#11
Multiplayer: optional. It is co-op mode mode in the main story. Makes multitasking easier.

User Info: ytrewq234

9 years ago#12
I can't think of a name.:P
Days unlimited(day limitations phail!)
Story:2 white pikmin are orphaned at 9 when their parents were killed by an Emperor Bulbax(OH ****).You know what that means.REVENGE TIME!Their names are Roberto and Francesca,and they have nobody in their life besides each other.Hey,guess what?They're 9 during the story,too(OH ****)!

Roberto has a sword,Francesca has a lance,other people come later,Daniel with an axe,Yvonne with a bow and arrow,Alexandra is a mage,Sophiana is a monk,Xavier is a shaman,Anna is a cleric(OMG IT'S LIKE SOMETHING OUT OF FIRE EMBLEM!).They are somehow all unable to use their leaves/buds/flowers.RP-FREAKING-G

Stages:Hopeful Path(first stage,it's pretty short,but you come back here a few times.Here you find Daniel.)
Rocky Valley(second,quite a few rocks here,and by that I mean the floor is rock.Yvonne is here,and so is Alexandra)
Village of Death(third,a deserted village,with only 15 still living there.Among them is Sophiana.)
Sinful Island(fourth,lots of water,obviously.In the few villages you find Xavier and Anna.)

Vengeance Cave(final,the final boss is here)

OMG CO-OP STORY MODE!You can assign which player controls which character.Sorry,but Anna counts.Hey,I didn't make the game!Oh wait yeah I did. X|There's a vs mode were you just do a 1on1 RPG fight.Oh yeah,there's action commands like in Paper Mario,so it makes sense.
"When in doubt,blow it up."
-Boris~Rocky & Bullwinkle(people on GameFAQs who know about this show:0)
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