White/ Purple Onions?

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User Info: EnvySin

9 years ago#1
Do you think that the White and Purple Pikmin will get their own Onions in Pikmin 3? I always thought it kinda sucked that they shared a ship with Olimar because....where did they go when he went back to Hocotate?
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User Info: NeutronStar256

9 years ago#2
I wondered that, too...I guess that as long as they stay in the ship, they can still live even when it's at Hocotate. I don't think there will be new Onions(for White and Purple, at least), keep in mind that these Pikmin are valuable and the most rare/useful, and it's fun building up as much of them as you can, since they are rare.
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User Info: EnvySin

9 years ago#3
Very true, I'd still like to see the onions but you're right when you said that they are rare and the fun is in making them.
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9 years ago#4
just increase the limit of those candpop buds
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User Info: WarDeathFun

9 years ago#5
i think it be better if you let you can get seeds to the flowers and they last like 5 days in life then die. this way you dont mass produce them (since that are the most powerful, this would make them broken) and yet, it still be a hard challenege to get the recources to make the pikmin.

that or make it really hard to find them underground.
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User Info: HylianElf

9 years ago#6

At the end of Pikmin 1, Olimar saw new-colored onions, like green and light blue. It wouldn't be a stretch of the imagination that somewhere on the distant planet there are purple and white onions, and it just so happened that Olimar never found them. So the purples and whites probably set out to find their onions after Olimar left.

However, considering how mindless and vulnerable the Pikmin are without a leader, they probably all drowned in a pond or something.
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