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User Info: HaoRichardWang

9 years ago#1

Should I wait for this to come out in NA, or should I just get Pikmin 1 for the Wii? I don't have any GameCube controllers, and I don't intend on buying any - I prefer to stick with the Wii controllers - too many prepherials already. If I like one of these games, I'll get Pikmin 3 - but I'm not sure which one to get.

User Info: Matthew419

9 years ago#2
same here.
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User Info: Aqlex239

9 years ago#3
Um, well, Pikmin 2 is an improvement on Pikmin 1 in every way, and it's much longer and comes with multiplayer and other features, so it would be a better idea to go for that, but if you want, Pikmin 1 is already well balanced and fun, if a bit short, and you could get that if you don't want to wait. I think if you end up playing them, you might end up buying them all because they are really good games.

User Info: greenpickle

9 years ago#4
I started with Pikmin 2, and then getting the first game was definitely a step down in almost every way. As mentioned above, it has more modes, Challenge Mode is much longer and better, the story mode is a lot longer and more varied, with so many more enemies and music and...things; and the gameplay is much more smooth: in the first, things take more time and Pikmin aren't as clever, which I don't really like.
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User Info: kirbymastah

9 years ago#5
though pikmin 2 is better than pikmin 1 (sans time limit, which really emphasizes strategy/multi-tasking), they're both excellent games in their own right.

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