This better come to Aus soon

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  3. This better come to Aus soon

User Info: Sambo115

9 years ago#1

I played the first one on Gamecube, loved it, bought it a couple of days ago on the Wii, love it, but never got to play this :(. It is coming out next month in Europe, so I really hope it comes to Australia around the same time. Anyone heard anything about a release date?

User Info: hamtier

9 years ago#2
being that both Eu and Aus use Pal wii.Cant you just import it or buy it at an importing game shop or something?
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User Info: EnvySin

9 years ago#3
Australians are cute, go find one to pass the time.

Emily Browning is the cutest :3
Envy - 0559 3435 3260

User Info: blakers7

9 years ago#4
aus will get it before then usa lol

User Info: JollyBuda

9 years ago#5
Hey TC, Im From New Zealand. Were aparently yopur mortal enemy but I found this on a local game store website

May 14?
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  2. New Play Control! Pikmin 2
  3. This better come to Aus soon

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