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User Info: CountDread

10 years ago#1
Wish you could obtain it in this game. ; ; That armor would be awsome.
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User Info: Pujos_PL

10 years ago#2
You get it for killing Stockpile Thomas and letting Yurt kill all your NPC's. You also have to kill all merchanta and world tendency characters, then when you kill the last demon, you have to push maiden in black down the old one's hole. Youll get it from Allant, just after he says you're one mean son of a b***h.

User Info: aneed4peed

10 years ago#3
Ha! If only. That armour is so cool that I wouldn't hesitate one bit doing that.

Anyways, the closest I got to getting the Penetrator look was:

Brushwood Helm
Gloom Armour
Gloom Gloves
Gloom Leggings
Penetrator Sword +5
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