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User Info: demitri888

9 years ago#1
The publisher of this game (Atlus) was only expecting 75,000 copies of the game to be sold. They have quadrupled that number by now, maybe even more (see article below).


Since their initial projection was so low, just how much did it cost to develop Demon's Souls in order for them to make a profit at 75,000 units sold?!

I was under the impression that the average game in this generation cost anywhere between $10 million to $25 million in developmental costs. Demon's Souls must have been a fraction of that cost...

Why can't more game designers pump out quality like this on a low budget compared to all these big name studios that are producing crap year after year??
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User Info: zyrax2301

9 years ago#2
They didn't waste money hiring celebrity VA's or buying rights to popular music. They rented their servers, so no expensive infrastructure was necessary for online play. They had no advertising campaign - part of why DS is such a cult classic is it's popularity was brought about almost entirely by word of mouth.

They kept their development on a tight budget, and focused on producing an amazing game rather than filling it with all that glossy AAA crap that everybody seems obsessed with these days.
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User Info: Jonvandamm

9 years ago#3
^ see FF13 for a prime example of AAA crap.
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User Info: ThePlasmaStorm

9 years ago#4
Haters gotta dislike
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User Info: MannerHatchery

9 years ago#5
Not sure about budget or anything, but that article is pretty old, nearing 1 year.
According to vgchartz (some people find that this site isn't always totally accurate so take it for what it is) it is just shy of 1 Million worldwide, and at 560,000 for NA.
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User Info: Vesperas

9 years ago#6
Atlus has ALWAYS did this with the localization. Look at the SMT series or Armored expansions.
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User Info: themyth01

9 years ago#7
They used an open engine initially created by Sony, so they didn't spend much money on that. Havok for physics, so no dev time on that. They focused primarily on the game logic, so it's not a very expensive game. DS is actually quite simple, and the budget must have been quite low. Not even Sony had high expectations with it. But it turned out better than huge budget titles, go figure.
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