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User Info: itsme73

8 years ago#1
A lady in the nexus keeps repeating it.........
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User Info: amadeofan1

8 years ago#2
You're Umbassa


Seriously though

It's the Demon's souls version of "amen" or whatever you say after you pray

User Info: itsme73

8 years ago#3
I hate the way she says it!
It makes my speakers vibrate a lot and make an unpleasant buzzing noise >__>

User Info: Phase 8

Phase 8
8 years ago#4
I umbasa, you umbasa, he/she/me umbasa.

Umbasa, umbasing, umbasology, the study of umbasa.

It's first grade, itsme73!
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User Info: Ritzs

8 years ago#5
lol, you win a cookie.
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User Info: silasam

8 years ago#6
i like how the un-heterosexual guy that bailed on saint urbain says it. eww-m-bassah. xD

User Info: G3cko360

8 years ago#7
Umbasa is their God and they end their prayers in his name. I like how you never see him, but if you talk to Freke (sp?) enough he'll talk about how he's seen their god and they wouldn't be so apt to praise him if they knew what he really was.
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User Info: DuneMan

8 years ago#8
God is their god. Umbasa is their Amen, and also probably what they shout out during intercourse... @_@
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User Info: -Damien-

8 years ago#9
Umbasa is a polite way to say GTFO of my face

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User Info: Edwin Lim

Edwin Lim
8 years ago#10
lol, intercourse? That was kinda funny, thanks for the laugh, umbasa.
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