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User Info: Da Dood

Da Dood
5 years ago#1
Anyone beat this legit?

Even though the physics seriously piss me off, there's something about the powers and massive world that makes me wish I was good at this game. Clearly they put a lot of care and effort into it. Just wanted the character to be a little easier to control.

My best was reaching Bloody Swamp, which some of you may know as "that #%&ing stage". Then I used save states to finish the game. Didn't exactly feel great, for obvious reasons.

Does anyone have any tips? I'm trying to plan some kind of route, preferably one with lots of extra lives and continues on the way, but it's too hard to make a decision with 100+ levels. I do know that I want to avoid Bloody Swamp, and I want to fight all bosses.

I will also try to abuse the diamond special with knight (+1 HP for all suits) and Jason (+1 life). Apparently there's a way to rack up infinite lives with Jason at Pyramids of Peril. Gotta look into that as well.

Thanks for any help!
And this time!
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