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User Info: NoPointMade

11 years ago#1
Recently bought this game but slowly regretting it because nobody seems to be getting online. Is the online community dead already?

User Info: LiquidMGSolid

11 years ago#2
Not really its empty i am level 56 atm no one has been online yet they probably havent leveled up enough or forged items. Takes a long time

User Info: NoPointMade

11 years ago#3
i really don't see any point in levelling up if u can't show it off to anyone online tho

User Info: Sekoku

11 years ago#4
If it makes you feel better, the online mode of the 360 version is just as dead, only used for one achievement.

User Info: masterage

11 years ago#5
Sorta wishing it wasn't dead...and galactrix will kill any hope for this game's online. Argh...
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User Info: EspicaGF

11 years ago#6
Will the new PQ be on ps3?
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