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User Info: razzkazz

8 years ago#1

I logged in to No Mercy for the first time in a couple months to find an update that fixed the previous glitches and added a new playable character (Carlos Cruz for die hard Punisher fans. I'm not familiar with him but he looks cool.). It was a really nice surprise, just wanted to let everyone who hasn't played in a while know. It's taking longer to find games than before but I've been able to find enough to play some good matches the past couple days. I'm glad the online community isn't totally dead, I still really enjoy this game and hope we can keep it going.

If anyone wants to play my PSN is razkazz

User Info: AndrewHD

8 years ago#2
thanks for the heads up

User Info: You_Need_A_Life

8 years ago#3
Ha ha ha...

I posted this news on the 2nd of December, ha ha! I really wish they'd release some DLC for this game....
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