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User Info: Rypcord

12 years ago#1
What are the 30 games?

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User Info: Perfectchaos007

12 years ago#2
Great Games
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User Info: K_Money_Deluxe

12 years ago#3
bad games
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User Info: Whytree7

12 years ago#4
Insaine games

User Info: JohnVastola

12 years ago#5
Log Cutting
Jump Roping
Log Rolling
Barrel Tossing (This is a replacement for Keg Tossing, which is a muscle building sport. They replaced the Kegs with Barrels to soften the game for "families"
Bell Ringing (Looks reminiscent of a Peal, if you happen to know anything about bell ringing.)
Pole Climbing
Red Flag, White Flag

These are the games showed in the pictures.

None look even close to as exciting as Wii sports. (Golf, Tennis, and Bowling will always be classics.)

User Info: RanaldoRoges

12 years ago#6
Show off your smarts in brain games ranging from mazes to Simon Says to memory games.

Flex your muscle in strength games, such as barrel tossing, rope climbing and log sawing.

Show off your strength and endurance in classic track and field events like hurdles, sprints, obstacle courses and high jumping.

Dominate the playground in such games as baseball catching, soccer footwork skills and jump rope.

Demonstrate your coordination with activities that involve balancing, log rolling, plate spinning and handbells.

Hone your accuracy in carnival-style games, including bird and animal targets, bow and arrow and laser guns.

Most games only include one game which may or may not be good. :( But Family Party has 30 games and they're all GREAT. Amazing!
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User Info: X Box Killer

X Box Killer
12 years ago#7
They replaced the Kegs with Barrels to soften the game for "families"

Reasons like this is why Nintendo won't be shaking that "kiddish" image any time soon.
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