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User Info: Fangskin

11 years ago#1
sorry if i open a new tread about that but every one else is closed now.

i was here months ago and i read that something was being worked on...
any news about that?

i'd really like to try this one out
from the pics it looks great

User Info: viral

11 years ago#2
interested in this
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User Info: LanceSP

11 years ago#3
I'm pretty sure I saw one over at GBATemp, but I believe that it was never finished. I think it got most of the equipment, items, and menus translated, but not much/none of the plot line stuff translated. Skills were partially done, and the map was also translated I believe. A couple of bugs here and there though.

Really, the translation might be helpful, but if you can match the game's text with the wiki's text, you can probably figure out what each skill is or what the items/equipment are. Do that long enough and you'll probably be able to memorize most of them.

User Info: rastsan

11 years ago#4
Yeah that was me. pretty much dead translation (after playtesting the maps -playing this game 3 more times to the end), I stopped to take a break and started woring on something else. 20 something complaints that I screwed the maps up and it turns out there was only 1, single small problem and even then you just have to take the long way around to get to that one healing item in a treasure chest.
(BIG LONG SIGH, 120 hours of play-testing for something I consider not a big deal 40 seconds of walking the long way if you don't encounter enemies).
Even then making the painstaking table files so that I could dump the text to get it translated, was again eating up way too much time.
screenshots were useless as I was dealing with multiple table files and using abby finereader on the screenshots was taking way too long for too litlle results, especially when you factor that multiple table file thing try coordinating that many table files from a screen shot.

example 1 file in game has this table file the next 5 files all have there own table files
a table file is a text file with all the characters used in that file with hex number it equals all neat and tidy
so 1 table file could have 2000 plus characters now 7 plus table files = 14000 times of me picking the character out of a seperate file that has all the japanese characters in it
after already spending literally a good 300 hours an this alone.... ughhh
by the way it was just me inserting this text - me alone *thankyou japanese wiki with the typed out script I only discoverd you after the 6th table file (all of wich are technically still incomplete)
and english wiki> I ended up changing only a couple things because of you guys

so forgive me for giving this a breather but I quite literally am sick of 7th dragon (still after 3 months)

the good news I uploaded all my work on it in case someone else wanted to pick up where I left off. If anyone is, or has been working on it and wants to release another patch let me know... or if they need help figuring out what to do.

anyways I may come back to it I'll see after this next project.
Sorry, english 7th dragon fans

User Info: Elemental_Mage1

11 years ago#5
Localization hopes, and translations are dead.

User Info: Goshi3156

11 years ago#6
Localization hopes, and translations are dead.

Nice to know that you're in a good mood.
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User Info: TalesOfStarOcea

11 years ago#7
No localization or fantranslation is fine for me, but I'd reaalyyy like a complete walkthrough X: It doesn't have to be epic in depth or go out of its way to give party strategies, I just want a general idea of what's going on in the plot, clear explanation of where to go, and what optional things I can do as early as possible :D (I.E starting sub-events when they open, earliest I can complete quests, stuff like that)

I am thankful that at least we got the 7th Dragon english wiki, but I actually really liked using the walkthrough, and hope it gets completed

User Info: rastsan

11 years ago#8
Maybe I should clarify.
Not dead just on a break.
I just discovered in file graphic fonts, for this game (usually the ds file system has one or two .nftr, this game doesn't).

It has one general file for one group of character, then in the other files that I have been having trouble making table files for, it has seperate in file graphic fonts to match the tables I was trying to make. I need the table files to make the text in those files look like something I can use. So without the table file I would see this (in btlsys1.bin)
(Nevermind gamefaqs gobbled what I was tryng to put here, big sigh)
with the table file though those dots and other characters that aren't japanese (except no6 stuff) would turn into the proper japanese stuff that I would then get translated and reinsert.

So every file that has text to translate has pretty much its own table files (in the btlsys1.bin files case 4 or more- really redundant) and making a table file to view the text so I can dump the text is taking A very long time. Now each file that needs table files needs two (two fonts one 12by10 one twelve by twelve)
So I would have to dump (when I dump...) twice, just in case I used the wrong table file for certain bits of text in that file.
Confused yeah so was I.
It was enough trouble knowing that these files needed seperate tables but now I know for sure they need at least two and in this case I will probably end up with a really garbled tranlsation due to the multiple table file thing.
ALL OF THIS IS A REEAALLY GOOD REASON YOU HAVEN'T SEEN LOCALIZATION NEWS. Cause they did not plan ahead for this, I can tell. If they had I would have been done with the 7thdargon fantranslation months ago. I would have easily found the script would have easily gotten it tranlsted due to the shear number of volunteers and had it reinserted a long time ago. But, instead I have this mess, (I AM SHAKING MY HEAD ALOT AS I WRITE THIS). Even with finding the pointers I would still have to short form the text as inserting a single byte font is actually quite impossible without rewritng the entire rom.

And since I am not exactly into this right now. This translation is on a break.
I need to learn how to use my ocr software more effectively to get this project up and running again, So I am practicing wtih a zoids battle Coliseum translation (it has lots of graphical text that has to be done). I almost am ready to tackle this game again. But not yet. Be ready for a huge update though as once I get going on this or figure out how to do the font differently I will get alot done. (already have stuff done just need to figure out where it goes)

This table thing is alot more trouble then I can tell you.... Sigh. I if I could just have it my way different screens slightly different menus, so many tiny changes that would help so much, hmm maybe I should look into that stuff first. before tackling these bleeping table files.

User Info: MrPopoBH

11 years ago#9
It sounds similar to all the problems that they had when making the Mother 3 translation. There were all kinds of oddities in how the text was structured (never mind the fact that they needed to use some tricks to keep it in the 256 mb limit) that made hacking that game a real pain.
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User Info: Otakun

11 years ago#10
I just want to say that there's still enormous interest in this -- plenty of people (myself included) are ready to help out in any way we can whenever you start back up again. ^_^
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