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User Info: kongvang

11 years ago#1

I've always loved that channel.

User Info: The_Shader

11 years ago#2
with Suprise guests from the Boomerang channel.

Hong Kong Foo-ee being an insanely overpowered character, whose Hadouken is 100x bigger then Ryu's

Tom Cat also playable, using his level 3 hyper to throw random cats from his gang, that have become crazy from catnip, and pissed off after being noodered.
Sparkster returns after 15 years in..... "Rocket Knight"
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User Info: Psycho_Kirby

11 years ago#3
Too unbalanced. Cookie Monster would be god-tier.
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User Info: Tekkaman_Gamma

11 years ago#4
"Too unbalanced. Carmen Sandiego would be god-tier."

Fixed. :p
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User Info: AnkiRendan

11 years ago#5
Too unbalanced. Ms.Frizzle would be god-tier.

C'mon guys, let's get it right!

User Info: NME_Enterprises

11 years ago#6
"Too unbalanced. Carmen Sandiego would be god-tier."

good unpredictable crossup game

where in the world is she?
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  2. Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars
  3. No, next game: PBS kids vs Capcom
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