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User Info: GraphG

2 years ago#1
Can someone tell me some beginner tips or good things to know for this game? I do not have an instruction booklet.

I have played PSO EP I&II on GCN extensively.
My character is a RAmarl.
What should I be feeding my mag? Are there rare weapons? What's up with synthesis?
I am a little irritated that there is no quick weapon change and I can't walk around while in the menu. What weapon type works best for a RAmarl?
I love GC especially PSO
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User Info: SapphireOfChaos

2 years ago#2
I dunno how well I can call it a "beginner tip", but I can tell you that Rangers all get the shaft in this game. Thanks in part to high-level generic weapons with Celeb Elements, you can easily have Hunters outdamaging Rangers, by a lot. Human Hunters especially are gimped hard with low offense stats and no Shifta access to help offset differences with CAST Rangers, while Hunter Humans and Newmen do have Shifta to make them even more obsolescent. Also, you can't even shoot over gaps in this game, so oftentimes their range is basically useless.

Oh, I do know that increasing your level will make your inventory space bigger, as will completing the quest "The Eternal" for the first time on Normal, Hard, and Super Hard difficulties. You start out with the usual max capacity of 30, but can get as high as 80.

GraphG posted...
What should I be feeding my mag?

Feed weapons and armor, depending on what kind of mag you want. Feed melee weapons for Power, ranged weapons for Hit, magic weapons for Mind, and armors for Guard.

Realistically, you should use your MAG to get as much ATP/MST as you can, while getting enough HIT that you don't miss. For the most part, the HIT can be forgone if you have weapons with Acc Adj (basically "Hit" from PSO weapons), so it isn't a bad idea to just go full Power/Mind on your MAG for maximum offense.

GraphG posted...
Are there rare weapons?

This is part of the Phantasy Star Online series we're talking about. Of course there are, lol. About as many rare weapons as non-rare weapons, maybe even more.

GraphG posted...
What's up with synthesis?

It's basically the same as the Enemy Item weapon conversion from PSO. Take a rare enemy part drop, and convert it to a weapon for a price. The difference here is that they can get Enemy% when they are crafted, and with the ones that do not have static Photon Arts, can get any (or no) Photon Art their weapon can get.

GraphG posted...
I am a little irritated that there is no quick weapon change

IIRC, the closest you get is by pressing L plus Start to quickmenu to the consumables list, and R plus Start to quickmenu to your equips menu. It's definitely not as fast as PSO, but it's something.

GraphG posted...
What weapon type works best for a RAmarl?

RAmarl is literally the worst character to have as far as being able to provide any reasonable damage output is concerned, but if you still insist on using her, then you need a Gunblade (for earlier on, in Normal and most of Hard, the password weapon Blade Cannon will do nicely, as it has a nice grind limit and good power; it won't really be of much use in Super though).

You can cheese damage with a Gunblade by going from Light Attack -> Light Attack -> (Hold L to shoot) Hard Attack to get some fast Melee and Shot damage on targets, as if you are up close to the target all three of your Gunblade's projectiles can hit the same target (think Spread Needle of PSO, only not rapid fire).

That's about all I got to say for now. If you got any other questions, feel free to ask.
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