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  3. Should i buy it? Still worth it?

User Info: cyanidesky

2 years ago#1
So i found it cheap near my city.
Is it worth it, even without the wifi feature?
What about the topic of Phantasy Star 0 Revival? Is it working fine?
Thanks in advance.

Edit: is it true that this game is short?
On How Long To Beat it says it is 14 hours to beat main story and 45 hours post game.
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User Info: SapphireOfChaos

2 years ago#2
It's a great game, even for solo play. With Nintendo's DS online access shut down, you can only do online multiplay through means requiring flash carts anyways.

The main story involves visiting through each of the main dungeons once, which progress from easier-than-normal to nearly on par with Hard difficulty, after which beating the story mode unlocks Hard difficulty to be played.

Beating all 14 basic missions on Hard will unlock Super Hard difficulty, and one mission in particular, The Eternal, reauires you to go through an entirely new area that is a 101 floor tower, consisting of a boss on each 10th floor and the other 9 floors in between being 5 rooms of ENTIRELY random monster spawns. The time needed to beat that mission alone eclipses the time needed to beat the other 13.

Overall, going from start of game to unlocking Super Hard, you're looking at going at least 40+ hours, more than likely. Just the story mode should take maybe 10-15 hours. If you rush through everything, maybe even as low as 8 hours for story.
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  3. Should i buy it? Still worth it?
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