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User Info: kyoboy

11 years ago#11
Well, now that I've completed the game, and while waiting for the FAQ to be accepted, I may as well post the cheats I've found (you enter them in the "Shinuki Cheats" section of the Options menu):

-16,2,8,10,9,1: Unlocks mini-games 30 to 48
-8,6,1,10,14,13: Unlocks mini-games 49 to 57
-12,6,8,7,1,13: Unlocks Tsuna, Reborn, Gokudera and Yamamoto in the Vongola Theater
-8,1,9,10,16,3: Unlocks Kyoko, Haru, Lambo, I-Pin and Gianinni in the Vongola Theater

User Info: GreenXBoom

11 years ago#12
awesome its up xD
thanks man xD

User Info: kyoboy

11 years ago#13
Glad you liked it ^_^
I just submitted the update with the remaining info, by the way.

User Info: withdisdain

11 years ago#14
why do all reborn games have to be so short?

User Info: pikangie

11 years ago#15
I love them as chibis~ They're so adorable!
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