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User Info: r_ruiz6047

9 years ago#1

After I punch in the registration code, right before the initial installation it tells me:

Installation Failed: The installer was interrupted before Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor could be completely installed. An internal check has failed. Please contact THQ technical support for assistance. (Error code 10003).

Updated drivers already.

Any recommendations before I call THQ?

User Info: electro57

9 years ago#2
Got the same problem. Not only did it not install, but the damn ToV deleted my previously installed CoH and OF. Relic screwed the pooch on this one.

The only one that has the problem is you.

User Info: shiny_spoon

9 years ago#3

I had a similar problem. After messing around in the registry and with environment variables for a few hours, I managed to get the thing installed. I think what got me that far was manually assigning permissions on all my temp folders so that "everyone" had full read/write access and resetting them to their default locations.

The problem at that point was that patches for CoH wouldn't install.

More screwing around in the registry, manually extracting things, dicking around with MS Installer etc... I just decided to format. Works great now.

Sorry I can't be of any more help than that. If it IS, in fact, the same problem I was experiencing, I don't think you'll get it resolved easily. :(

If you call THQ and get a fix, I'd be interested in knowing what it was though.

Good luck!

User Info: TM13h

9 years ago#4
I just restarted the setup.exe after I got the installation error, this time with admin rights. It worked for me.

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