Goku VS. Superman

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User Info: DemiGod2

9 years ago#11
Honestly now, if you want a real answer, you need to be more specific. Are you talking pre-super saiyan? Young Goku, ultimate freakin' ss4 on crack Goku? Too open a question.

By the way, SS4 Goku will whup most people. He's just good like that.
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User Info: Aister

9 years ago#12
^Agrees about SSJ4 Goku.

Anyway, I find many people who simply says 'Superman suck ass' just so darn immature. There isn't even a basis on how and why. Superman can pretty much destroy planets himself, he's just holding back.

I ain't Superman nor Goku fan. But I respect both series to their extreme.

But I gotta say though... Superman storylines > All of DB/Z/GT storylines.


User Info: Ivany2008

9 years ago#13
i dont know i mean if you think about movie wise, the bardock storyline was pretty badass

i never figured out why piccolo couldnt go super namek though like the other namek(cant remember his name) in the movies, in the overall series
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User Info: mikster

9 years ago#14
Lets face it Goku causes a natural disaster when he power up (e.g. SSJ3). I ain't seen superman do that, i don't remember superman breathing in space. So lets say Goku Kamehameha the planet (it blows up obviously), Instant translocation to kai planet.

Goku Wins!!!! easy victory. the end, when it comes to it superman cant touch Goku.

User Info: DeathSkeith

9 years ago#15
Superman sucks ass.

If this is the case, then superman is soooo ..... you know XD

they're both awesome though
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User Info: Jswagga

9 years ago#16
I've seen so many of these threads but I say Goku hands down.
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User Info: kamehameha7813

9 years ago#17
Vegeta and Goku are fighting and somehow wind up in metropolis
they launch their final flash and super kamehameha at the same time and superman somehow winds up in the middle the end
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User Info: DeeJayTechnika

9 years ago#18
i don't remember superman breathing in space

He can when he reversed time by rotating earth in another way
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