This is gonna be a TRAINWRECK

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User Info: TheCyberDemon

9 years ago#1

Seriously. Read the games included on the box art.

BT1, BT2, and Super DBZ? Three of the worst DBZ games of all time (in my opinion)?

Unless theres some massive bonus content or something I'm not buying.

User Info: thelastgogeta

9 years ago#2
They should have complied BT1, BT2 and BT3 (as in combined them into one but they are only money hungry publishers eh?) but nah... they are pulling off the ol' great game plus not so good games to sell.
Buu's Fury + GT Transformation and LoG1 + LOG2 come to mind.
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User Info: The Senator

The Senator
9 years ago#3
Wow, you must not have played many DBZ games if you consider those three of the worst. There were so many crappy SNES versions, really, that such a statement is laughable.
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User Info: ThaKillha

9 years ago#4
Hmm..I actually liked SDBZ...I mean...It played like an actual fighter, with actual commands, not the PP>P = Kamehameha or Charge once and attack to unleash a Spirit Bomb..
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User Info: Archale

9 years ago#5

In my opinion, Super DBZ is the highlight of the collection.
I've never played the DBZ BT1 or 2(I own the third, though :P), but 2 and 3 eclipse BT1, and from what I can gather, BT3 suits the casual gamer much more than the 2nd Tenkaichi, which is kinda sucky.
I think they should have made it Budokai 3, Tenkaichi 3 and Super DBZ, the best DBZ games as of now(Atleast on the PS2 :P)

User Info: SuperMario91

9 years ago#6
the SNES DBZ games where awsome, dont be hatin.
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User Info: brunbbmerc

9 years ago#7
It can't be a trainwreck. It's Atari throwing together three games that sell for crap and they don't get anything for and hoping some suckers buy it. They really have nothing to lose.
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User Info: SuperMario91

9 years ago#8
^ sad thing is your right
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