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User Info: liushan

8 years ago#1
I am curious what DLC that are recommend to get.
From my understanding most of the DLC is items that may be obtainable in game, or gold/points.
I tend to prefer DLC the adds more content to the game.

Additionally, I am confused as to what is meant by "DLC content is usable only once."?

While reading DLC suggestions and problems in the forums I have become somewhat confused but this statement. I assumed it means that every time you start a completely new game that you get supplied with DLC items/options, but am not so sure right now.

Thanks for the help.

User Info: DemonYusuke

8 years ago#2
Not all of the dlc can be obtained in-game, some of them are gag, or items that make encore ffrom other games, all the PP, Gold, and TP can be obtained in-game obviously,

That means you can use the DLC only once per save, so you'll get the items the first time you load or start a new game after buying the DLC. Some of the DLC items are quite powerful, and playing the game on easy will definitely break it. If you want a challenge i recommend playing the game on hard and not buying any enhance points or to use them sparingly.

User Info: liushan

8 years ago#3
Thanks for the response. Your help has been very much appreciated.
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