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User Info: Saix_XIII

10 years ago#11
Yeah I did what Daimadoshi did. I got that trophy within 20 minutes. The first was saying no 5 times (Reluctant Hero) and Pack Rat Strikes Back (FF+the snow globe=instant) then I got Power Surge. Just really focus on blocking and save after every fight. The first episodes trophies had me really annoyed, not having to die was....annoying and I had to do it on a 2nd play since I screwed up, then there was only counter attacks to win a fight, and of course...beat the final boss without healing...now that was an extreme pain in the butt.
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User Info: slayer_duo

10 years ago#12
Ya, the beat the final boss without healing trophy was the only one from the first episode I don't have.

User Info: drakken775

10 years ago#13
ok i got all trophys except the top one on ps3 how do you get that its marked as

is that the platinum trophy or what or do i have to beat insane mode or something stupid to get it???

anyone know???

User Info: drakken775

10 years ago#14
or maybe i gotta beat the game again to get the ??? trophy

User Info: Naylord

10 years ago#15
I can't believe you didn't get that one naturally. Most people are perverted enough too. The trophy is called pervert and you get it for inspecting the binocerous testicles with genuine enthusiasm.
Just keep hitting the examine button on them after you kill the boss. You'll get the trophy

User Info: drakken775

10 years ago#16
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User Info: Sol4688

10 years ago#17
Definitely Power Surge for me. I am TERRIBLE at blocking and countering (partially why that damn boss trophy is the only one I'm missing from Episode 1)
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