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User Info: Dragonas00

11 years ago#1
Wow, looked at the new arrivals and its only 10 bucks? Guess its time I pick this game up :)

User Info: Vokkan

11 years ago#2
I'm with ya!

User Info: Demoskinos85

11 years ago#3
Same haven't seen it for under 30$ yet! And its only 300MB!
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User Info: LastFootnote

11 years ago#4
Even though I have the UMD, I picked it up because, for me, the convenience is worth $10.

One thing I noticed right off the bat is that loading times are dramatically reduced. I mean I had guessed that they'd be shorter, but wow. It's like night and day.

User Info: Judqement8

11 years ago#5
Bought the real UMD... And I'm happy =D
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User Info: Sepulchasm

11 years ago#6
Is this available on the EU PSN too?

Or will i need to be getting a points card sorted out?

User Info: Sepulchasm

11 years ago#7
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: vampirelich

11 years ago#8

If I dont have a PSP can I download this off psn on my ps3 and play it on that?

User Info: Gamemaster64

11 years ago#9
You can download it but you can't play it. It a PSP game, why would you think it will play on a PS3?
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