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User Info: rockmypunkk

12 years ago#1
Story Missions
Amuro Ray
1.Psycoframe Light
2.Wings of Life
3.The Fist that Hopes to Grasp Victory
4.Guiding Light to the Future
5.Will Makes Miracles Happen

Char Aznable
1.Char's Will
2.A Unique Man
3.A Vision of Lalah
4.The Power of a Newtype
5.Char,The Red Comet

Kamille Bidan
1.What's wrong with Kamille being a man's name?
2.This is why!
3.You Aren't So Special!
4.I'll Show All of You!
5.This isn't a game to me!

Emma Sheen
1.Atmospheric Combat
2.Fighting Giant Enemies
3.Special Soldier Gundam
4.One Year War: Operation Star One
5.Colony Laser Duel

Paptimus Scirocco
2.The Threat of the Tomboy
3.Broken Bonds
4.To the Gravity Well
5.Scirocco Lands on Earth

Jerid Messa
2.Prison Break
3.The Discipline of a Soldier
4.Torn Between Bond and Trust
5.Day of Decision

Haman Karn

Judau Ashta
1.Sanc Kingdom Knight
2.Fabricated Bloodline, Destiny Plan
3.2500 Years of Samurai Family History
4.Rise up! Hail Zeon!
5.A World Without Friend or Foe

Roux Louka
1.Double Zeta, Run Away!
2.The Valley of the Iceberg
3.Judau, Come out!
4.You're So Stubborn
5.Time to Find Out! Lover, Friend, Rival?

Elpeo Puru/Puru Two (These missions must be done back and forth to unlock one anothers next)
1.Desperate Courage
2.Perplexed Girl
3.Never-ending Conflict
5.Red and Black/
1.Menace on the Battlefield
2.Hearts Passing By
4.Skies of Confusion
5.Red and Black

Seabook Arno
2.A Child Lost in the Universe
3.White Fang
4.Miracle Encounter
5.Ghost of Disturbance

Uso Ewin
1.Humankind Despairs
2.Time Passes Remorselessly
3.Boys and Girls from the Battlefield
4.Beyond the Time
5.Connecting Many Lives

Domon Kasshu
1.Domon Kasshu, Surpass your Master!
2.Proof of Friendship
3.I'll Speak with my fists!
4.Master Asia dies at dawn?
5.Teacher and Pupil Bond! Last Fight Tears

Master Asia
1.Punishment at Jaburo
2.Love Megapunch
3.Cute Fighter Girl
4.Fist of Tears Explodes
5.Master Asia's Name

Heero Yuy
1.Those Who Oppose War
2.Those Who Seek Battle
3.Those Who Seek to be Rescued
4.Those Who Face Disaster
5.Those Who Guide Us to Peace

Milliardo Peacecraft
1.Chivalry is Bravery
2.Chivalry is Fairness
3.Chivalry is Devotion
4.Chivalry is Courage
5.Chivalry is Politeness

Loran Cehack
1.Brothers Reunited
2.Winds of Battle
3.Coexistence with Others
4.As the People of the Moon
5.Preserving the Species

Kai Shiden/Hayato Kobayashi (Both have same missions)
1.Heroes of the One Year War 1
2.Heroes of the One Year War 2

Sleggar Law
1.Sleggar and the Return to Jupiter (Requires affinity or higher with Sarah and Reccoa)
2.Sleggar and the Cyber-Newtype (Affinity or higher with Four and Rosamia)
3.Sleggar and the Lovers (Affinity or higher with Lacus and Roux)
4.Sleggar and the Scary Woman (Affinity or higher with Katejina and Uso)
5.Sleggar and the Red Comet (Complete missions 1-4)

Dozle Zabi
1.The Prestige of the Zabi Family 1 (Affinity or higher with Glemy and M'Quve)
2.The Prestige of the Zabi Family 1 (Affinity or higher with Char, Johnny and Haman)0

Ramba Ral
1.A Soldier's Heart

1.M'Quve's Vase

Yazan Gable
1.The General and the Beast
2.Frontline Beast

Sarah Zabiarov
1.For the Loved One
2.Farewell, Loved One

Reccoa Londe
1.Infiltration in Jupritis
2.Too Much of a Woman

Four Murasame
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User Info: rockmypunkk

12 years ago#2
Rosamia Badam
1.Brothers and Sisters

Glemy Toto
1.Attracted By the Scent of Flowers
2.Goodbye Days of Youth

Quess Paraya
1.Newtype Playground

Gyunei Guss
1.Gyunei's Ambition 1
2.Gyunei's Ambition 2

Cecily Fairchild
1.Beautiful Face (requires a pilot level of 10)

Katejina Loos
1.Younger Boy

Gym Ghingham
1.The General and the Beast
2.A General's Dignity

Lacus Clyne
1.Find the Songstress
2.Friend Yesterday, Enemy Today?

Lunamaria Hawke
1.Private Lesson
2.A Future for Two

Kira Yamato
1.The Fight to End All Fights
2.Tears on the Battlefield
3.Peace Singing Singstress
4.Fighting Breeds More Fighting
5.A Future Before the Battle

Athrun Zala
1.In the Sandstorm
2.Deathmatch at Killmanjaro
3.Freedom, Justice and Truth
4.Gates to a New World
5.Crimson Soaked Cosmos

Shinn Asuka
1.Eternal Conflict
2.An Era Without Light
3.Contradicting Justice
4.World in Peace
5.Eternal Fate

License Missions

1.The Path to Legend 1
2.The Path to Legend 2
3.Red Comet's Glory 1
4.Red Comet's Glory 2
5.Legendary Successor 1
6.Legendary Successor 2
7.A Hundred Years' Radiance 1
8.A Hundred Years' Radiance 2
9.Zeta's Pulse 1
10.Zeta's Pulse 2
11.Give Me Your Wings
12.God's Will
13.Axis' Mother Nature
14.The Ultimate Power 1
15.The Ultimate Power 2
16.Battle Girl
17.The Strongest Gundam 1
18.The Strongest Gundam 2
19.Crimson Rebels 1
20.Crimson Rebels 2
21.Formula Program
22.Gundam Calls Victory
23.The Fist Dwelling God
24.The Practitioner's Teachings
25.Path to the Future
26.The Legacy of the Dark History
27.The Messenger of Freedom
28.Sword of Justice
29.Fate Connection
30.Aratama (Complete missions Remember the past 1-6)
31.Nigitama (Complete Remember the past 7)
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User Info: rockmypunkk

12 years ago#3
Collection Missions

1.The Monster of Zeon
2.Heroes of the Federation
3.The Messenger From Axis
4.Mass Production Gundam?
5.This is no Zaku, my Friend!
6.Giant Revealed
7.For the Glory of Zeon!
8.Gaurdians of Nature
9.Under Neo Zeon's Flag
10.Jet Stream Attack!
11.Soaring Dragon
12.A.E.U.G's Pride
13.Knights of the Principality
14.The Genius from Jupritis
15.Coming from Underwater
16.Women's War
18.Z Gundam Returns
19.Char Collection
20.Red Tri-Stars?
21.Jerid's Soul Pilgrimage
22.The Snake and the Spider
23.Ultimate Brothers
24.Zaku Lover's Club 1
25.Zaku Lover's Club 2
26.Qubeley Storm
27.Solo in Red 1
28.Solo in Red 2

Free Missions
1.Char's Challenge 1 (Can only be done by Char after finishing his story
2.Piloting Practice
3.Beginner Battle Drill - Surface
4.Beginner Battle Drill - Space
5.Intermediate Battle Drill - Surface
6.Intermediate Battle Drill - Space
7.Advanced Battle Drill - Surface
8.Advanced Battle Drill - Space
9.1,000 Shot Down Enemies
10.5,000 Shot Down Enemies
11.10,000 Shot Down Enemies
12.20,000 Shot Down Enemies
13.30,000 Shot Down Enemies
14.40,000 Shot Down Enemies
15.50,000 Shot Down Enemies
16.10 Completed Missions
17.50 Completed Missions
18.100 Completed Missions
19.200 Total Completed Missions
20.300 Total Completed Missions
21.Forced Evolution
22.Human Reform
23.Soldier's Battlefield 1
24.Soldier's Battlefield 2
25.Soldier's Battlefield 3
26.Soldier's Battlefield 4
27.Black Tetra-Stars 1
28.Black Tetra-Stars 2
29.A Veteran's Deed 1
30.A veteran's Deed 2
31.The Fourth Yazan Crewman 1
32.The Fourth Yazan Crewman 2
33.Remember the Past 1
34.Remember the Past 2
35.Remember the Past 3
36.Remember the Past 4
37.Remember the Past 5
38.Remember the Past 6
39.Remember the Past 7
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User Info: rockmypunkk

12 years ago#4
Extra Missions

1.The Mightiest Surface Weapon (Zaku Tank)
2.Ball is your Friend! (Ball)
3.Seeking the Ultimate Zaku (Zaku 2 Only)
4.Eternal Binary Star (DOM Only)
5.A.E.U.G's Hope (Rick Dias Only)
6.Don Quijote (Gyan Only)
7.I'm a Newtype... A Cyber-Newtype!
8.Char's Challenge 2
9.A Dangerous Young Lady (V2 Gundam only)
10.Captive Princess (Gyunei's Jagd Doga Only)
11.War Goddess
12.Yazan's Strike Force is Immortal! (Hamrabi Only)
13.Towards Tommorrow (Guncannon Only)
14.Fighting Spirit
15.Crimson Lightning (Red Mobile Suit Only)
16.You're in my way! (Only Mobile Suits not used by Jerid)
17.King of Hearts' Challenge
18.Look! The East burns Crimson Red!
19.C'mon, c'mon! Bring it on!
20.White Devil
21.The Final Victor
22.Moonlight Butterfly vs. Wings of Fire
23.Persevering Justice
24.It's not Anime!
25.Zeta's First Launch
26.Don't Underestimate it!
27.Giant Red Star
28.Great Freedom, Great Responsibility
29.Amuro Ray
30.Zero vs. Epyon (Can only be done by Milliardo, requires Wing Zero License)
31.Burn, Dragon (Can only be done by Glemy Toto, Bawoo Only)
32.The Shocking Dark History (Can Only be done by Gym Ghingham, Turn X Only)
33.The Final Power (Can only be done by Shinn Asuka, Destiny Gundam Only)
34.Scirocco's Utopia (Can only be done by Scirocco, requires "Friendship with Lacus,Cecily
Relina and Dianna, The O only)
35.Get Along! (Can only be done by Judau)
36.Challenge the Legend (Requires all Licenses)
37.One Man Army (Requires Musha Gundam License)
38.The Power of Bonds (Requires 40 Characters or more in "friendship")
39.The True DYNASTY WARRIORS: Gundam (Requires Challenge the Legend, One Man Army, and
The Power of Bonds Completed)

Friendship Missions
1.Good Luck, Loser!
2.Just wanted to get along...
3.Hedgehog's Dilemma
4.Love Duel
5.Boys, Be Ambitious
6.Women Who Look Good Armed
7.Voices of the Young
8.Last Generation
9.Coward! 1
10.Coward! 2
11.Hayato's Request
12.Kycilia's Secret Request
13.Dozle's Secret Request
14.Yazan's Crew Test
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User Info: rockmypunkk

12 years ago#5
15.Sarah might forgive you, but I won't! (Requires Sarah and Scirocco in trust or higher,
and Reccoa in trust or lower)
16.Glemy's Amibition
17.Devil Machine
18.Ghingham's Big Comeback
19.Do You Love Super Aces?
20.Power in Hand 1
21.Power in Hand 2
22.Earth Domination 1
23.Earth Domination 2
24.Earth Domination 3
25.Earth Conquest 1
26.Earth Conquest 2
27.Earth Conquest 3
28.Char's Offering
29.Freedom to Space 1
30.Freedom to Space 2
31.Freedom to Space 3
32.The Earth is my Birthplace 1
33.The Earth is my Birthplace 2
34.The Earth is my Birthplace 3
35.Cold Machiavellian
36.Faith 1
37.Faith 2
38.Freedom to Space 4
39.Freedom to Space 5
40.Junk Dealers 1
41.Junk Dealers 2
42.Stop acting like that, Brother!
43.Stop acting like that, Judau!
44.For Whom the Bell Tolls 1
45.For Whom the Bell Tolls 2
46.Abominable Memories 1
47.Abominable Memories 2
48.Those Who Disturb the Skies 1
49.Those Who Disturb the Skies 2
50.Those Who Disturb the Skies 3
51.To the Victor 1
52.To the Victor 2
53.Operation Giant Roller!
54.Gundam Fight: First Round
55.Gundam Fight: Semifinals
56.Gundam Fight: Finals
57.Behind the Scenes
58.Operation Return to Earth 1
59.Operation Return to Earth 2
60.All of the Cosmos 1
61.All of the Cosmos 2
62.The Great Escape
63.The Great Pursuit
64.All of the Cosmos 3
65.A Song of Peace 1
66.A Song of Peace 2
67.A Song of Peace 3
68.Eternal Comet
69.White Fangs Rip the Cosmos
70.Bewildered Soldiers
71.The Glass Kingdom
72.Endless Waltz
73.Gyunei's Rescue
74.I Can Hear Your Song
75.Things to Protect
76.Love Special Attack!
77.Sleggar's Final Attack (Can only be done by a female pilot)
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12 years ago#6
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12 years ago#7
This should be stickied, or at least mixed in with a FAQ. Good work.
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12 years ago#8
wow that alot of mission
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12 years ago#9
Please keep this bumped
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12 years ago#10
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