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evidpeed 2 years ago#1
This will be long. I'm replaying The Last Guardian and it has always bothered me how everything connects. So I laid out facts and obvious points and just sort of connected the dots. My timeline theory is TLG -> SotC -> ICO. Groundbreaking stuff right? I won't go into full detail because of the density of it all, but I'll try to explain it the best I can.

So the man in the sarcophagus is Dormin...or who he was before Dormin (I'll just say his human form is Nimrod for simplicity sake). He notices Tricos power and wants it for himself. Nest and A.I. are created. So, the A.I. is just a giant power core that powers stuff. Nimrod "dies" with mirror burried with him. A.I. is left to maintain the Nest and continue the process of getting Tricos "magic".

So this process is weird. The Trico are mythical creatures that can be controlled by their horns and shoot lightning from their tail. They receive the "chosen". Only time this is seen is when the main character is having a nightmare and a butterfly flies over him. Trico is able to hypnotize him so he can't escape. Do Tricos follow the butterflies? Is this substance they produce based off of nightmares? Are Tricos the opposite of unicorns? Who knows.

Stated in the artbook...the boys process of turning into the goop was interrupted by Trico being struck down by lightning. So in this theory, the boys actually get turned into goop. Normally, this goop is transferred for a barrel. Also stated in the artbook its hinted at the goop and mist being related which has something to do with reviving the figure in the sarcophagus. So Nimrod is trying to figure out immortality through the power of the mythical Trico.

The main characters process gets interupted and he has runes all over his body (which he gets more of when Trico swallows him again or everytime he is captured...also stated in the artbook). The horned armored guys who the A.I. controls send out runes to immobolize the boy.

Eventually the boy escapes and still has the mirror. The Trico live to see another day. Now these pools are the most mysterious part. In the artbook, it is said that on the other side of the mirror (who ever is in the sarcophagus) is important and what's on the other side of the pool is important. It's said that it could be another world...the world of Shadow of the Colossus or a world that doesn't exist yet. So in my theory...it's SotC.

The pool has to be important somehow right? The sarcophagus is RIGHT next to it. Is it a portal? Is it a time stabilizer? Given to what we see at the end of SotC, I believe it is rather important.
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evidpeed 2 years ago#2
On to SotC. I believe Nimrod actually succeeded in immortality. Revived and "reborn" as Dormin. Having horns and fur due to the ones who granted him/her these powers. Dormin is struck down for whatever reason and is split into pieces with the Forbidden Land. Dormin can not fully die due to immortality.

SotC takes place and Emon casts down the ancient sword into the pool to create...something...to defeat Dormin (or to slow him down at least). Dormin gets sucked up as Wander, but doesn't die, but is instead reborn as a boy with horns.

Dormin is again split up through the heir of Wander. The horn boys are brought to the Queens castle to be sacrificed for no real reason. Everyone knows "the Queen is Mono" theory. Mono could have got powers through Dormin as a part of the revival package. The Queen shows signs of darkness like Dormin. Could also explain how she can control "the ghosts of the horned children" or the shadows. Why would they work with someone who killed them? Or she could be controlling them like the A.I.

There's Yorda who has electricity powers that opens doors. What else can open the doors? The Queen's Sword which has electricity coming off of it and runes engraved in it...similar to TLG? So Yorda is basically a walking talking A.I. with A.I. being immobile and the sword being....a sword. There's also similarities between the A.I. in TLG and the two power cores that open the front gate to the Queen's castle that are also powered by electricity or some sort of electric energy shoots out when they are activated.

The Queen wants to inhabit or use Yorda to continue living. Possibly so she can stay alive to destroy Dormins existence. If so, was she the good one all along? Ico does survive at the end.

So what I'm getting at is this is about a person trying to stay alive. Nimrod finds immortality through Trico, revives himself as Dormin only to be seperated and then gets seperated even more. There seems to be a lot to do with electricity...whether it be magic or what have you. This theme also kind of goes nicely with everything else. Immortality versus companionship, fate or lack there of, sacrifice, and love.

I had a lot more to say, but GameFAQs decides to delete everything so I had to just go with it. I know a lot of it has been said before, but I'm seeing it all in a new light replaying TLG. Everything rolls more smoothly. There's a lot more there to discuss like...was the mirror made before or after the A.I. and what is the nest exactly? Is it where the Trico lived before being mind controlled or there because that pool was there...but the same can be asked about the shrine and the Forbidden Lands. I think those are the things that dont matter because it is what it is.
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LegendaryUman 2 years ago#3
The way I see it, the pool is there in TLG because it's there in SotC...When do we actually see something enter either pool? At the end of Shadow, of course, when Dormin is sucked into it. Then we see the pool in TLG...What might this be trying to tell us? Well, if as Ueda says, it's on the "other side" of the SotC pool - some sort of parallel world - than perhaps Dormin came out in the world of TLG. This seems very logical to me. That way, both pools are "used" in the history of these worlds. Dormin comes out, weakened, and creates the Master to run things and get energy from boys using the Tricos so he can gain power. Presumably, it's this resurrection that the boy stops at the end of the game - the reason the sarcophagus is shown as the tower's outer shell crumbles. It's often pointed out by people that the sarcophagus is divided by lines into sixteen segments. So, I think TLG takes place after Shadow.

I view the worlds as being parallel, so it's possible that Ico and TLG may take place at around the same time. I would like for the next game Ueda and co. are working on to also take place in TLG's world, and then connect things back around to Ico in some way.
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cjtencounter 2 years ago#4
Wow, no one else wants to discuss this marvellous topic???
Ohhhh man, after finally finishing this there's so much going through my mind....so many questions and so many emotions. I have to get through the emotions first. I mean, this game makes you feel so claustrophobic and it's scary in the sense that it felt like this game was NEVER going to end. Took me 30 hours of game time first play though as the trophy confirmed this.
It literally felt like I was stick in this....nest for all eternity. And while I'm trying to get out with my beastly friend, I'm thinking....what is this place? Why does it exist? Who on earth created these impossible structures????

This game is mythical, in every sense of the word. Just like Ico and SotC before it...it's just so mesmerizingly original that I wish these guys would pop out more games than just 3 in 20 years.

What a journey....
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rancid_custard 1 year ago#5
A very weak and pointless post from me, but I just wanted to chip in and say that the universal architecture from all 3 games across the console era's really adds to the sense and wonder of these delicately crafted worlds. Who were these world builders throughout the generations, why are they no longer around, why was everything done on such a grand scale? To say that it's intriguing and adds to the mythos of the world is an understatement
yoshi_s_1sland 1 year ago#6
evidpeed posted...
I won't go into full detail because of the density of it all, but I'll try to explain it the best I can.

For me, you're welcome to go into detail as full as you can/want, detail is (should be) the purpose of boards like these.
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