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User Info: Bearprint

11 months ago#1
I have an Alaskan Malamute, the way Trico stands up and reaches an alcove with its front legs is just like my wolf-dog. Pulling those spears out also gave me deja vu to when I once pulled thorns out of my dog's paws.

Overall, the game was disappointing, though. Whereas a game like Okami had miraculous controls, I could never get Trico to do what I want. If I wanted her to jump up, she jumped down, and I had to replay a couple of minutes, argh. Weird puzzles too. Even the music was done by someone other than the geniuses behind Ico and Colossus.

The ONLY thing that saved this game was the sensitive Japanese storytelling that we love to interpret, which raises any game automatically 3-4 points in my book (if it is good). 5/10 from me, sorry Fumito Ueda.

I would recommend Ico more, it is a timeless masterpiece.
The Final Fantasy-series (nr. 6-10) will forever hold a place in my heart.

User Info: cjtencounter

5 months ago#2
Yes, it's the weakest of the 3 games from Ueda. But a masterpiece, nonetheless. The story telling and world building is just as powerful as the other two.

In fact, TLG may have the most astonishing world. It really felt otherworldly, like, I constantly questioned where the hell am I? And, why does this place exist? HOW does it exist?

Any game that is as original as this gets huge props in my books.
Yes, the controls are what drags the game down even though I accepted and respected them due to the nature of Trico being the most realistic and lifelike AI ever produced in a video game. It's truly astonishing what this team was able to accomplish here. I applaud them, heavenly.

After 30 hours of game time, no doubt you really have to give this game your FULL attention in order to properly enjoy it. And the only way to enjoy this game or ANY game is to actually appreciate and love the world that you're in.
The world and lore is sooooo stunning, immersive and powerful the game mechanics could be completely flawed and yet I'd still forgive them for that because I feel like everything about being here is worth my time.

That's just how much I enjoyed being a part of this world. What an escape!

And easy 9/10 from me. Would be a 10 if I didn't get frustrated from controls here and there. The experience was just too grand for me to give it anything less.
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  3. This game reminded me of my dog
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