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How do you manually shove barrels in Tricos face? (Possibly Spoilers)derkadurp48/18 3:09AM
That damn Call of Nature trophy...Inferenion68/12 2:16AM
This game reminded me of my dogBearprint17/3 4:59AM
So, I played and hour and...alcoholado24/27 4:45AM
Last Guardian music heard on national radioDarkDoc13/4 1:28AM
Still my favorite PS4 game.GRU_Commander211/16 1:01AM
Hey. Can I create a new save file, while NOT overwriting my daughter's game?spankymcfister810/15 7:42AM
on sale right now, worth it?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
How I remember the Last Guardian in a nutshell, someone please correct meSPOILERpmaster45/20/2018
Any way to stop the prompts from telling you what to do????!!!PlayTheGnome35/10/2018
Trico won't take me threw the underwater doorYumiko_ichihara35/5/2018
Enjoying this game so far; Tips to avoid frustration and make this game funShadowMoses44/30/2018
Is it Better Now?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
what's in the barrels? (spoilers)willow533524/29/2018
Game totally stuckanthonyoliver1924/3/2018
A Theory on Why Trico Loves Those Barrels of Minty ToothpasteShadowMoses13/24/2018
I haven't played this game since release have they patched the frame rate issues
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Just played through this for the first timeTiminatron63/14/2018
does HDR look worse for some of you guys for this game?Flamechamp233313/13/2018
Why won't this rat enter an underwater doorway when diving??? GRAHHHH!!!!!!derkadurp43/4/2018
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