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  2. Pirates vs Ninjas Dodgeball
  3. Man looking at this game I realise how stupid Nintendo is.

User Info: TheHappySack

10 years ago#11
Ninjas are like super uber, assassin, killing machines, pirates are just drunk and dumb idiots. It's pretty obvious that ninjas are better.

P.S. I'm talking about real ninjas not crappy ripoffs like Naruto or awesomely kickass ones like Ryu
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User Info: NekuOwns

10 years ago#12
I'm a pirate, technically(emulation, hacking, downloading mp3s and wotnot). But I like Ninjas more, they're like an army of McGuyver/Batmen, they're able to use things among the environment to make makeshift weapons and traps, they're always armed to the teeth with little ninja equipment, and they're so stealthy you don't even notice they're coming. Ninjas are the ultimate assassins.
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User Info: dietess

10 years ago#13
Well, under that logic, Rambo is a ninja, despite the fact that his awesomeness transcends boundaries of ninja/pirateness :O
And we all know Rambo has liquid mercury blood, steel muscles, and titanium skin :O
I heard they did Rambo 2 without any special effects, and in the electrocution/torture scene, Stallone stored the electricity in his body and used it to murder all the communists 9x before they finally hired actors to play the Russians/Kong so he wouldn't be so enraged by communism that he'd kill all of them :O
Apparently they had to use over 7 million hours of film just to finish the movie because the actors kept dying :O

User Info: killerboy97

10 years ago#14
i argee it seem really how what i said ... people getting high

User Info: narutogeek101

10 years ago#15
Posted 5/10/2009 10:29:03 PM
message detail narutogeek101 | Posted 5/10/2009 1:02:57 PM | message detail

'nuff said

Eeeew, that's not worth anything coming from NARUTOgeek. Go shame ninjas somewhere else.

LOL j/k. It's just that nothing could be less ninja than an extremely loud person wearing bright orange.[/i]

i like the show, not the character; Tobi Uchiha, Shikamaru, and Rock Lee are my top 3 fav characters in order
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User Info: Garviel_Lokan

10 years ago#16
tobi? lawl your not that far are you?
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  2. Pirates vs Ninjas Dodgeball
  3. Man looking at this game I realise how stupid Nintendo is.
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