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User Info: Elemenope

11 years ago#1
You can add clique leaders into the game using a hex editor. They will randomly spawn with their fellow clique members around the game. Here's how you do it:

1. Open the file "ide.img" with a hex editor. It can be found in the "Objects" folder in your main Bully program directory.

2. Press "ctrl + f" and search for a text string in the hex editor. Search for "lead"

3. The hex editor will take you to different sections of the file where the clique leaders are referenced. For all the characters that will never spawn in free roam, there will be a line of text that reads "ÿÿÿÿ/Global". Click on the first "ÿ" and go to the other side of the hex editor where you change numerical values. Change it from "FF FF FF FF" to "01 00 00 00". This is all you actually have to do

4. Change it for all the clique leaders, but be sure you only do it for the first example you find. There will be 2 sections of hex for Derby, one default one where he wears his regular outfit and one where he's dressed in his robe, like he was in "complete mayhem." Change the first section only, because the second section, where Derby will be referenced as "Derby_EG" or something instead of just Derby, will make him pretty much always spawn in his robe. This is also true for Earnest (who appears in his pseudo-military garb), Johnny (who looks beat up), Ted (football gear) and Russel (beat up). Only enable the first sections of hex for those characters so they will wear default outfits

5. You can also ctrl+f and look for Gary and Petey to enable them in free roam as well

be sure to back up your original ide.img file before you save

User Info: Granbar

11 years ago#2
You can change their fighting style as well. Since Ted is such a pansy I changed him into fighting like the Greasers. Change the Global/J_Striker_A into Global/G:_Striker_A
This also works with Bullies style with B, and P for Preppies. It's probably old news anyway. Still working on how to change Gary and Derby fight like they do in bossmode. Any tips perhaps?
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User Info: Elemenope

11 years ago#3
I've figured out that if you erase or insert ONE block of hex it screws up the "alignment" of the whole file and will make the game crash to desktop. But maybe thats just basic hex editing fundamentals, idk. I managed to make Gary fight like a prep, then a jock, and now finally a greaser. The hex looks like this:

Medium -The character's health. Can be changed to "Huge" or "Large" etc
STUDENT -I think this determines the character's faction, havent tried changing it
STAT_GS_GARY -I dont think this can be changed without crashing the game
Straf_Male -Change this to "Straf_Prep" for prep animations, "J_Grappler" for jock and "G_Johnny" for greaser
F_BULLY -Not sure what this does but I usually change it anyway, to "F_Preps" or "F_Jocks" etc
/Global/B_Striker_A -What he said ^^
/Global/AI Act/AI/AI.act

I find that if you turn "Medium" into "Huge" you can just make the last two characters in "medium" be 00's (blank spaces) and the game will accept it. Watch out, if you use spacebar instead of typing 00 in hex, the blank characters will be "20" instead

the only thing I cant figure out is how to make him fight like a townie. You have to change "B_Striker" to "DO_Striker", but that either has to add an extra character or shift all the other characters down in order to fit, so my game will just always crash. It'd be cool to have Gary be the only kid on campus that fights like a townie, especially since he's non-clique

Also I'm pretty sure all this is fresh news, first time I'd heard about anyone hex editing this game was like 2 weeks ago
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