At This Point, Am I The Only One Who Still Hasn't........

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User Info: VideoMaster

5 years ago#1
....gotten 100% on this game yet?

I bought this game back in late December 2011 and have enjoyed it quite a bit since. I've already beaten the game on normal as well as was on my second playthrough on hard, which I need to get back to and finish (was at Poison Ivy fight).

I've recently realized again that I never actually managed to get 100% and that is mainly to do the points-based challenges (the extreme ones, I believe). This, believe it or not, was actually the very first game I've owned for my 360 that I have not gotten 100%....yet. Hopefully I can do it soon enough.

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User Info: deadpigs101

5 years ago#2
I still need to do the riddles, but besides that (and the challenge maps) I beat it all. Figure when RS makes their justice league/batman prequel I'll go back to this and finish it up
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User Info: thoul

5 years ago#3
I haven't and expect I never will. The challenges just aren't that interesting to me.
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User Info: stapler87

5 years ago#4
I've got everything within the Asylum. Haven't touched the challenge maps though, not really my thing.
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User Info: roo10158

5 years ago#5
I don't like the riddler's revenge online stuff, so I'll never get 100%
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User Info: Andy___

5 years ago#6
Not meaning to brag but this is the first game I actually got 100% on. I'm now trying to do the same with AC.. the challenge maps and amount of content gets nuts in AC!

I agree though, the challenge maps are very tough.
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User Info: Game Weasel

Game Weasel
5 years ago#7
I don't think I've gotten 100% on any game I've ever played. I just don't care enough about all the little trivial things, collecting all the trophies, etc. just ain't important to me. I've enjoyed AC thoroughly, but finding every little trophy, completing every challenge map, and all that just isn't interesting enough.
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