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User Info: Falkner09

12 years ago#1
Since there are no reviews I might as well ask.
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User Info: andvari78

12 years ago#2
I'm playing it every now and then. It's fairly hard, mainly because on a cellphone you don't have much buttons (QWERTY and Symbian excluded); like * and# for jump, 7 and nine for guns, middle button/ joy middle/ 6 for arms attack, 1 and 3 for style attack, 0 for dodge. There are two re-programmable buttons, but that's all freedom you've got for re-mapping. As for gameplay, you're playing as Dante. You have Rebellion and Ebony&Ivory. There are 3 slots for each categories, but obtaining new weapons is a matter of special quests, which are hard to find. You collect red orbs and blue orbs; you can use red orbs for weapon and style power-up. You defeat enemies, get orbs, do it fast, and get a good grade. There are 45 levels (or so). You can choose your way, depending on it you get a mission. Like getting to certain places, defeating enemies without getting hurt (standard mission, not special), acquiring a certain sum of orbs, defeating Cerberus or masses of enemies in a weakened state and so on. If you want to play it, be prepared for everything.
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