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Is there anything to do without dlc?

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User Info: sasukerr14

1 year ago#1
I bought the game when it was new and played a good bit before stopping. I recently started trying to play again but without the dlc you are stuck on level 34 so light level is stuck around 165 or so. Dailys are usually dlc only and most ppl play the newer raids and not the original. I cant afford dlc but i wanted to play this game i spent 60 dollars on but it feels like the game is pretty much unplayable without the dlc. Do other ppl still play without the dlc and if so how?

User Info: FlameAbsol

1 year ago#2
360's Destiny is all DEAD. Move on to XBone's (along with Destiny's new DLCs) to continue your characters' progress.
I am deaf and One's GT: Flame Haze SnS

User Info: Doggbreath

1 year ago#3
I guess your definition of all dead is always being able to find a game and seeing tons of people at the tower
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  3. Is there anything to do without dlc?

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