I wanted this game to be good so bad

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User Info: mikezila

9 years ago#1
It's such a damn shame when something that looks so cool in screens and sounds so good in concept turns out to be so ass.
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User Info: pattern_recog

9 years ago#2
It's not *that* bad. Especially since the recent patches which have been constantly improving on most of the issues that were present at initial release. Sure, it probably shouldn't have been released in that state to start with, but the developers are fixing it up at a fairly good rate.
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User Info: Torka

9 years ago#3
I heard that Luc Bernard recieved death threats from keyboard mutants. That's sad.
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User Info: Lutinou

9 years ago#4
I really like the look of the game and all the promotional art and stuff... But just seeing the trailer... It looks like such a basic, simple platformer. <__< Doesn't look like it has much of anything going for it except a unique art style.

User Info: johnny27

9 years ago#5
oh well but for 5$ it at least offers some fun
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  3. I wanted this game to be good so bad

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