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User Info: TheFlowerGirl

9 years ago#1
[Chapter 1: Ace & Izana]
[Verse of the Soldier who Lost his Name]

The story begins in the same setting as the game does, with Izana making his way through the burnt city. On the way, he encountered two Byakko soldier which he attempted to kill but unfortunately got wounded by one of them. He persevered on to keep his promise of delivering the COMM system to Ace.

Flashback to a month ago, Izana's job in times of peace involve hunting down Coeurls which are considered dangerous to civilians. After the job, he returned to the Peristylium to report his work but found the Command Room to be in chaos. Military commanders and officers are all busy flustering over a report that Byakko has been secretly developing military weaponry and that it is highly possible that they will enter a full-fledged war. The Commandant then interrupted Izana's conversation with his officer-in-charge and told him to be prepared for the worst.

After being dismissed, Izana lamented on the fact that he was over twenty years of age and his magical powers are not as strong as those below twenty. Initially, he had aspired to become a candidate but has failed the harsh examinations. He then decided that he might as well go to the chocobo stables since he's already in the Peristylium anyway.

There he spotted Ace who was gently stroking a chocobo's head. When Izana asked him if he liked chocobos, his expression hardened and coldly asked back if there's anything strange about it. After learning that Izana too likes chocobos, he softened and said that people see him as strange for showing concern to military tools. Izana then said that they can be friends to which Ace replied that they just met. Izana said that "People who likes chocobos cannot possibly be bad." That was their Ace and Izana's first meeting.

They chatted briefly about Ace's past after the introduction. Izana commented about how Ace has been a candidate for 10 years but not once has Izana ever seen him around. Ace said that this was his first time coming to the Peristylium, all along he has been in the External Bureau. Izana asked if he was a genetically modified human to which Ace laughed and said that he wasn't.

Later, Izana commented that Ace has a similar atmosphere as his brother does, saying that his brother belonged to Class 2. Izana then voiced his opinion about not wanting his brother to be involved in the war because he's too kind. Ace skeptically asked if anyone from Class 2, a military-based class, can be considered 'kind'. Izana also said that he would rather the fighting be left to the grown-ups, but said that it was impossible since in this country, the younger ones are stronger. He also said that he wanted to be a brother who can be prided.

Ever since that day, Ace would appear in the chocobo stables from time to time. Izana found Ace to have extensive knowledge on magic, military and war, but his knowledge on other areas to be shockingly lacking. When Ace revealed that he is in Class 0, Izana was surprised as Class 0 is said to have ceased to exist for 100 years. As of that moment, Class 0 is placed under the External Bureau and until the situation calls for it, their existence is still kept as a top secret even from the army. It was then that Ace asked if Izana would support Class 0 when the time comes. Izana hesitated at first but finally agreed.

As the person-in-charge of communicating with Class 0, Izana trained relentlessly, often with Ace. Ace's cards is revealed to automatically replenish itself to 53 pieces. Izana asked Ace what was his reason for fighting and Ace simply said that it was because Mother asked him to. He has no fear of dying and forgetting the dead, saying that even if his friends die, the crystal will make him forget anyway. Izana then requested that if he dies on the battlefield, Ace shouldn't look back at him, saying that there's no time for that while at war.


User Info: TheFlowerGirl

9 years ago#2
Back in the present, on that fated day, Izana met Arecia who told him that only Class 0 can destroy the crystal jammer and entrusted the COMM system to Izana. Had he been able to use magic, Izana wouldn't have had problems fending off the Byakko soldiers.

As per the events in the game, Izana ended up riding Chichiri after it saved him. As he rode, Izana remembered the past when his village was destroyed by Byakko. He was only 13 but resolved to protect Machina and Rem. Rem ended up being adopted and when he was 15 he took the candidate entrance test but failed.

As his consciousness gradually faltered, he fell off Chichiri's back and as 5-6 Byakko soldiers approached him, he shouted for Ace. Ace came to his rescue along with Queen and Nine and Izana successfully passed the COMM system to him. Attempting to fulfill his promise to the dying Izana, Ace turned away from him, but at last turned back. Reading the anguished expression on Ace's face, Izana finally realized that Ace wasn't as cold as he thought he was. Glad of the fact, he finally made peace with dying and told Ace, "Don't look back... Move forward. Keep you eyes on the enemies beyond. And one day, topple Byakko- and save this country"

User Info: TheFlowerGirl

9 years ago#3
[Chapter 2: Machina and Rem]
[Memories of Those who Disappeared]

As Ace's memories of Izana disappeared, a COMM from Arecia entered asking them to destroy the crystal jammer located in the Arena.

As Ace, Queen and Nine entered the Arena, they met Machina and Rem, whom they ask to leave the place immediately since they are unable to use magic. Eventually, they caused the crystal jammer to explode but before they can confirm if Qun'mi is dead, she escaped.

Qun'mi later reported the existence of these "Red Magicians" to Cid Aulstyne. With the failure of capturing Suzaku, Genbu and Souryuu would elevate the guards against Byakko, making Cid's plan go awry. He then deployed Qun'mi for the "Northern Dawn Operation" which is the setting off of the Ultima bomb in Genbu. A suicide mission. An operation she carried out willingly to repay her debts to the High Commander before she lost her mind to the crystal completely. Qun'mi who lost her parents in a territorial dispute entered the army to take revenge on Suzaku. When she became an outstanding weapons researcher, Cid took notice of her and took her under his wing.

4 hours after the Liberation Operation, Class 0 was talking to Arecia when the Ultima Bomb cast a blinding light in the night sky. Plans for an alliance with Souryuu were quickly sealed.

Despite the impending danger, the l'Cie Zhuyu refused to take part in the war, forcing the Parliament to deploy the candidates instead.

As Class 0 took up their seats in their classroom for the first time, Kurasame was introduced to be their officer-in-charge. When Nine antagonized him, Kurasame punched him. As Nine tried to fight back, Kurasame raised his Icy Sword against him, forcing him to stand down. Queen reprimanded Nine, saying that Kurasame has gotten Mother's approval for this. Kurasame later introduced Rem and Machina and left the classroom.

Left to their own greetings and introductions, the whole class introduced themselves one by one. After which Machina and Rem offered to take them on a tour around the Peristylium, to which only Ace agreed to come along. Ace later voiced his regret at not being able to come earlier to save more people during the Liberation Mission. But Machina and Rem told him that since they were facing a l'Cie, it's understandable.

When they reached the graveyard, Ace voiced his puzzled opinion on why people should come here mourning for the dead when no one can even remember them. Machina said that it may be pointless but he wants to at least remember that someone who was close to him has died. Ace's COMM suddenly rang after a brief story on Machina and Rem's past. It was Arecia, asking him to come to the Magic Department for his regular check-up.

Before he could enter the Magic Department, voices can be heard. Arecia was arguing with the Commandant of the deployment of Izana Kunagiri without his consent. Ace learnt that he was the one who wished for Izana to be deployed. The Commandant then stormed off after a stern warning to Arecia saying that the Magic Department doesn't have control over the army. Ace hid from his sight as he passed.

Upon seeing Ace, Arecia returned to her motherly figure. Ace later admitted to Arecia that he overheard the conversation. Arecia told him not to be bothered by people dying since people can only move forward without being chained to the past. That's what the Death Memory Lapse is about.

As Ace returned to the classroom, he found Machina, Rem, Nine and Queen talking about reasons for fighting, and joined them. Rem told them about how Byakko developed biological weapons and how the virus spread to their village, killing everyone. Machina and Rem is said to have an immunity against the virus. Machina then said that his reason for fighting is 'not wanting to lose anyone important in Byakko's hands anymore.


User Info: TheFlowerGirl

9 years ago#4
The conversation then drifted back to the topic of Izana, making Ace uncomfortable. He then asked what was Machina's brother like, confusing Machina since he doesn't remember Izana. Machina then asked if Ace felt an empty space possibly due to having known Izana, which Ace denied. The alarm then sounded denoting time for mission.

Ace's spontaneous question at Kurasame made Kurasame frown, asking if Ace knew 'manners'. Ace simply gave Kurasame a confused look, at which Kurasame gave up trying to explain 'manners'. They are then briefed on the mission to take back 4 Suzaku cities occupied by Milites. Ace ended up in a team with only Machina and Rem. He was taken aback by Kurasame's decision since he has never been forced to operate separately from his 11 classmates before. He also felt that Machina and Rem are different from them who are raised in the External Bureau. Nevertheless, he set off for Makutai City with them.

As they toppled enemies after enemies, Ace began to recognize Machina and Rem's abilities, finally feeling that having to fight with them wasn't so bad after all. They later encountered Qator Bashtar who challenged them on his mech, Gabriel. Gabriel came with a magic wall defense system, absorbing magic. Rem later realized that the defense system does not nullify all the magic. Part of it still causes damage. With Rem chanting the incantation for Thundaga, Ace used all 53 of his cards to distract Qator, slowing him down. As the magic hit Gabriel and cause him to fall, Machina created a hole in it's armor at which Ace directed his 53 cards down at. Qator retreated and Makutai City was liberated.

As the 3 of them sat down at the city square as the soldiers and civilians are celebrating, they talked. Ace admitted and apologized to Machina that it was his fault that Izana died. Machina and Rem were dumbfounded.

[dialogue translation]
Ace: The responsibility of your brother's death lies with me. But... I want you to listen without getting angry. Why do you care so much about the dead?
We are Class 0, Suzaku's strongest candidates. We cannot stand still. We cannot afford to reminisce and look back. Isn't that so?

Machina: It's not about looking back. It's about recognizing the gravity of what we have lost and changing it to strength. There is no point in simply forgetting.


Machina: I lost my memories of my brother. Even though he must certainly be a good brother, I can't even grieve for him. It's as if I lost one part of my heart myself... From here on, I am afraid of losing someone important to me.
But that's why I want to protect those who are still living by my side. Rem, of course, and even those who have just became my comrades. How about you, Ace?

Ace: I... I've been taught to throw away all those feelings. We cannot fight while being afraid of losing our comrades-

Rem: But Ace, you saved us didn't you? A little while ago. And the first time we met too.

Ace: Well, that's... I'll save whom I can save.

Machina: .... Then that's fine.

Ace: Eh?

Machina: You saved Rem and I. That's why, at that time, you definitely must have tried to save my brother too. Because you're that kind of person.

Ace: Even though we just met, what can you tell about me? Do you see me as that kind a person?

Machina: Yeah, I do. At first glance you're a cool person. But you're a good person.

Ace: .... You're weird.

User Info: TheFlowerGirl

9 years ago#5
[Chapter 3: Queen and Kurasame]
[The Queen and the Grim Reaper]

Two months after Suzaku's reversal operation, Suzaku managed to regain control of much land area which was occupied by Byakko.

Queen has been silently observing Machina and Rem since they were admitted to Class 0. Though doubtful at first, with people like Ace and Nine first warming up to Machina and Rem, the others soon follow suit. But Machina and Rem aren't Queen's only worries.

Just then, Nine entered the cafeteria, where Queen, Ace, Machina and Rem were, bickering loudly with Kurasame. Apparently, Nine's operation the previous night was nitpicked by Kurasame. As Kurasame leaves, Nine complained that he was hungry and that Kurasame followed him all the way here to lecture him. Concerned, Queen asked Ace, Machina and Rem how they felt regarding Kurasame. Ace said that he's not as strongly opposed to him as Nine was, but nevertheless he said that he kind of disliked him because Kurasame is excessively strict. Machina said that he doesn't hate nor like him, but get a strong impression of not knowing what he's thinking of. Rem, on the other hand, said that he's a good commander as he gives good orders. While Queen herself felt that a commander being strict is reasonable, she felt that the tension will become an obstacle if it carries on. Curious as to how the other classes' relationships with their commanders, Queen sets off for the Arena with Machina and Rem to visit Machina's former Class 2.

Class 2's graduates have always become military officers prompting their commander to take up a strict teaching style. Nevertheless, their commander beamed when Machina called out to him and he explained that they (as commanders and candidates) simply have to trust in one another. As Class 2's commander returned to his post, Rem explained about Class 7's commander. Class 7 is a class specializing in support and majority of the students are female, including their commander. Rem said that their class emphasized a lot on 'kindness'.

Machina then asked Queen why she bothers so much. Queen said that it is her duty. Machina asked if she is like the Class President to which Queen said she wasn't. She said that Class 0 consisted of many individualistic and unique people, and it somehow naturally fell on her shoulders to take care of their well-being. She also mentioned Ace being stubborn and Nine as impulsive and straightforward. With all sorts of personalities, it was hard to form a common opinion. Just then a Moogle came bearing a message for Queen saying that Arecia was looking for her.

Queen poured out her feelings to Arecia, asking her why did she choose Kurasame as their commander. Arecia told her about the 'Four Heavenly Kings' and how one of them betrayed the other three. She said that the truth as to why the traitor betrayed them remained forever unknown because no one can remember him, not even Kurasame. And it is precisely because Kurasame closed his heart from everyone else that Arecia found him suitable to take charge of Class 0. Class 0 being a special existence can be focused on in both a negative and positive light by everyone else, but that wouldn't give Class 0 a good influence. But since Kurasame doesn't take any heed of other people, he would remain unbiased no matter what. And even though Arecia said that she doesn't care if the relationship between Class 0 and Kurasame is bad as long as he carries out his duty, Queen resolved to improve the situation herself.

When Kurasame held a study session, half the class refused to turn up. Ace said that it's not needed. Nine said that Kurasame is his enemy, and there's nothing to learn from an enemy. Rem, observing Queen, asked if Queen liked Kurasame. Queen promptly denied it and silenced her.


User Info: TheFlowerGirl

9 years ago#6
On April 21st, Kurasame briefed them about a large scale operation to be held at Togoreth Fort and warned them about the possibility of an encounter with a type A Byakko l'Cie. He implored them to escape should they encounter the l'Cie, no matter what. The battle then came to be known as the "Battle of Togoreth Fort".

Queen teamed up with Nine and Ace for the operation, first checking for survivors at the prisons. Battles after battles, as luck would have it, they came face to face with Nimbus just as Kurasame issued a command to withdraw. Nine winds up dead after attacking Nimbus recklessly and Ace, in Nine's defense, stood up against Nimbus and was swiftly murdered as well. Just as Nimbus was going to attack Queen, Kurasame appeared, shielding her. Kurasame said that he came to buy time for Zhuyu who was heading to Togoreth Fort. The two held Nimbus up for 57 seconds until Zhuyu arrived.

As the 2 l'Cies clash, Queen asked Kurasame to help her carry Ace and Nine's dead bodies. A confused Kurasame asked why she wanted to burden herself with corpses. Queen revealed to Kurasame that if they were brought to Arecia, they can be revived. She also asked Kurasame if she can remember Ace and Nine, to which Kurasame said that he could.

As they headed out, Queen told Kurasame that she found him kind after seeing his actions today and asked if he would display that kindness to other members. But Kurasame said that it was pointless to display kindness in words only. Queen deduced that Kurasame didn't believe in the value of words since those words can easily be forgotten.

Queen finally smiled at a puzzled Kurasame and said that she was glad that he was their commander.

User Info: heartlesshero17

9 years ago#7
Interesting read. Thank you
I'll eat a sock if VersusXIII is actually a mind blowing game.

User Info: Hattsumikamine

9 years ago#8
Thank you so much for your hard work Flower! GOD YOU ARE AWESOME! It was really interesting to read and very detailed! Thank youu! : D.

It's nice to see the characters behavior more than what we were able to saw in the game.

I kinda wish they add the previous cycle in the game as an extra because it becomes really interesting especially at the end :p.
The Official Hattsumikamine Rotoyosuna Eripuruchi of the Final Fantasy Type-0 Boards.

User Info: hyro56

9 years ago#9
Thank you so much for translating this. :)
Please feel free to correct me on my grammar and/or spelling. I appreciate your help.

User Info: TheFlowerGirl

9 years ago#10
[Chapter 4: Nine and Sice]
[Fear which Transcends the Speed of Sound]

The Battle of Togoreth Fort ends with Suzaku and Souryuu's joint victory. However, the fort itself was completely destroyed in the battle between Type-A l'Cies.

A week after the battle, Nine, Queen and Ace were sitting in the Class 0 classroom discussing the war. When Nine gloated over his confidence in defeating Byakko in battle, Sice cut in, reminding Nine that Byakko had a greater military force. They end up bickering and Sice said that it is excruciating to think that they are comrades. After which she said that even though they are all in the same class, she cannot rely on all of them, especially Machina and Rem, the newcomers. Machina turned in shock and Rem stuttered an apology. Sice continued saying that if they ever become a hindrance in battle, she'll kill them herself before storming out of the classroom. Queen said that ever since they were still in the External Bureau, Nine and Sice's cat-and-dog relationship has always been what worries her the most. Ace, being used to it, simply shrugged.

Their next mission came after another week with Kurasame showing them a photo of Gabriel, Qator's mech. He explained that the mechs are dangerous and their mission involves destroying them in Byakko facilities. (This is the mission with Brionac in the game). The main team, Ace, Queen, King, Seven, Cinque, Trey, Cater and Eight were to attack the factory with the other 3 teams of 2 attacking other facilities as distractions. Machina with Rem, Jack with Deuce and Nine with Sice. Nine protested to no avail.

After the briefing, Deuce approached Nine and asked him to take it easy on Sice, saying that Sice isn't a bad person even with her harsh mannerisms.

Nine and Sice reached a facility containing garages of Colossuses all lined up. Nine recklessly begun the attack, prompting the alarm to ring. They stood there, back to back, fighting off Byakko soldiers to buy the main team time. Sice also fired Fire magic at the garages of Colossuses as she fought, destroying them.

After finishing off the last enemy in the area, Nine said that Sice has been acting even more irritable ever since the war begun. Sice then relented, saying that she has never spoken about the past before, much so with him.

Sice told her about how she was abandoned by her mother when she was 7. Her father was never around to begin with. In a town named Pamidora which has been wiped off the map, she grew up stealing with a gang. When they got busted by Byakko soldiers, the gang betrayed her. Wanting to know the whereabouts of her 'friends', Byakko soldiers took her out in the snow where she collapsed. After which she was adopted by Arecia. Taken into warmth, given a delicious soup, it was then that her loyalty stuck with Arecia.

Just then, a shot by a sniper struck Nine's leg. Yet the sniper cannot be seen. Digging a hole with his lance, Nine pulled Sice into it to escape the sniper's scope. But staying there will mean death if the sniper attracted more enemies to the area, hence the 2 decided to run in the direction of the gunshot, and try their best to dodge the incoming bullets. As he ran, Nine became reminded of his past. All he remembered was a fire and a man asking him to run away.

As they were nearing their targets, a bullet found its mark in Sice's leg. Without thinking, Nine turned back for Sice but Sice shouted at him to go ahead. Nine dug up another hole and pulled Sice in. It turned out that Sice had another wound on her abdomen and she soon passed out. Nine then finished up his job.

Sice woke up to find herself on a bed in a village near the border. Nine had cured her wound but admitting that he wasn't good with magic, asked her to check up with Arecia later. Then, Souryuu appeared outside bearing a message from Andoria, informing them of the ceasefire. Infuriated and confused, they set off to meet up with the rest.
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