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User Info: Radae

9 years ago#1
Just responded this to another thread, but figured it deserved a true thread.

Step 1.) Locate your install directory. Downloaded Steam version will be in the Steam\steamapps\'username' directory, I believe, or in the Activision folder, depending on which version of the game you have.

Step 2.) Navigate yourself to the \players directory and find 'config.cfg'

Step 3.) Copy/paste this to the bottom of the file: seta thereisacow "1337"

Step 4.) Bind cheats to keys. Example, 'bind o god' or 'bind p give ammo'. Save the edited file.
(Might go through the MW1 GameFAQS page and find cheats there, as they're probably still coded into the game.)

Step 5.) Right-click on config.cfg, click 'Properties', and check 'Read Only' attribute. This will keep MW2 from re-writing the file next time you boot it up.

Step 6.) Enjoy.

Now, every once in a great while, the game stops responding to cheats. You'll have to go through the above again if it decides it doesn't want to accept your cheat inputs.

User Info: Radae

9 years ago#2
EDIT: Alright, after messing around with the game for a while, I've found that if, say, you start your savegame and find your cheats aren't working, what you need to do is:

Quit to the main menu, switch to SpecOps, load any mission there, activate your cheats, quit to main menu again, and switch back to Campaign. Cheats should work fine then. Not sure why they don't register sometimes, but the above seems to fix it every time.

User Info: pez2k_

9 years ago#3
The single most amusing command to play around with is 'seta bg_forceDualWield 1'. As you'd guess from the name, it makes most dual-wieldable weapons, well, dual-wield.

The list of dual-wieldable weapons in SP, plus their spawn names:
Ranger (ranger)
TMP (tmp)
M9 (beretta)
Uzi (uzi_akimbo)
G18 (glock_akimbo)

However, there's more than that. For some reason, a few others can be dual-wielded, albeit with four arms:
M1911 (colt45)
FAL (fal, fal_acog, fal_reflex)
FAL + Shotgun (fal_shotgun, and yes you can use both underslung shotguns at once)
Thumper (m79)

Despite the silly-looking animations, I think dual-wielded M79s make up for the dual 1887s only being available in MP. Try a keybind of 'seta bg_forceDualWield 1;give m79;give ammo' to make most encounters pretty trivial.
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User Info: Radae

9 years ago#4
Heh, that dual welding one's pretty fun, thanks for that!

User Info: pTp_3590

9 years ago#5
Brilliant that god mode actually works in spec ops. Though I guess I shouldn't abuse it for stars. Thanks you two.

User Info: pez2k_

9 years ago#6
Here's another one for the four-arm dual-wield, the M93 Raffica (beretta393).

Anyone interested in a mostly complete list of the weapon spawn names? Since 'give all' no longer works correctly, it's pretty much necessary to directly spawn each weapon you want. I have something like 165 of them listed, including all weapons in enemy hands and everything in the museum and Estate stockpiles, plus unique weapons like the silenced thermal SCAR and heartbeat sensor ACR.
"Usually when I am kidnapped by goons, I shove a whole pipe's worth of burning tobacco in my mouth. " - CJF

User Info: Fgon

9 years ago#7
I heard this doesn't work if you downloaded the game through steam
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User Info: eric_neo3

9 years ago#8
God what I would do for an edit button on gamefaqs.

User Info: SODIS

9 years ago#9
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: SODIS

9 years ago#10
Whoops, I put it in the wrong format.

Weapon Name (console command)

ACR (masada)
MP5K (mp5)
AK47 Tactical (ak47)

AK47 Holographic (ak47_eotech) <----you can apply the _eotech command at the end of almost every weapon. For example masada_eotech
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