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User Info: lukaszsw

10 years ago#11

Seems like 5 minutes was a little short but really it lacked the humor of the movies. Go download it off steam (I prefer steam, saves the time you deal with the installer)

On other note I recently discovered there was another short film about Wallace and Gromit - A Matter of Loaf and Death (2008). I haen't hear about it earlier and found it absolutely amazing. i highly recommend it.

User Info: guiness42

10 years ago#12
i wrote a review on it too! i liked it, but thought it was hard at times


I never watched the show either
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User Info: dunebeetle

10 years ago#13
I knew there was something fishy about the wallace voice....

User Info: Joker_Wylde

10 years ago#14

bith_the_black posted...
Yeah, because Peter Sallis is 88 years old. I'm sure he can't do as much as he'd like. Especially all the dialogue that'll be going into the games.

He's been acting his whole elderly life, so I doubt thats why. I think he stopped because he's credited as doing VA work for a film due 2010. He does all the Wallace work tho, even the stupid N Power adverts, so I don't know why they cast someone else. Also he did all the other games, its sloppy to get someone who sounds nothing like him.

User Info: sTyLnK

10 years ago#15

I thought this game was great. I've played many adventure point and click games and this one was one of the better ones. It's to bad it's so short.

User Info: Njolin

10 years ago#16
I just couldn't get into the game when they didn't have the original voice actor.
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