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grienerj1 13 years ago#1
the third level I shot all the people shooting at me, however if I shoot a building it says mission ended.... am I supposed to land some where and get the research... I am so frusterated please help
soularch 13 years ago#2
You can only shoot the hangar that houses the helicopter fleet (you shoot the doors and then you can take out the helicopters inside). During this mission you can also shoot the 'towers' that are shooting at you...but do not shoot any other buildings...

The second half of the mission requires taking out an oil platform, and the instructions on how to do so are not very clear. I've tried it 6 - 7 times and get totally worked by all of the missiles being fired at me (make sure you take out the ships first, and use the 'strafe' technique to avoid missiles. The problem is that you will run out of missiles way before you take down the oil platform.

Anyone have some hints?
imgoingmad 13 years ago#3
Here's some hints:

totalduck 13 years ago#4

You can reload the missiles by blowing up the Red/White checked silos (there are two that I found, plus one repair silo), then landing. I have been able blow up the ships as well as the missile launchers on the oil rig, but I can't figure out how to destroy it.


ghound13 13 years ago#5
after you do alot of damage to the platform, there is a hole that opens up from the top, you can hit the target from coming in high, you can't hit it flying low. I also blow up the two ships before I was able to get this far.
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