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User Info: Haseo_213

5 months ago#1
I enjoy just these 4 classes, as DPS

Coming back after half a year and wanted help choosing a main. What is the most fun these days. I mostly PVP and sometimes do operations so i guess which is fun/viable in those 2 instances. Thanks!

User Info: KestrelFive

4 months ago#2
I started playing Swtor as a Sorc. There’s a lot to like and leveling one is fun. However, the damage, to me, feels awful low at higher levels for flashpoints, pvp, etc. if you’re a numbers person, I think Sorc is more or less bottom of the pack for DPS at endgame.

I voted for and recommend Assassin, for several reasons. First, you get a double bladed lightsaber, and what’s not to love about that? Second, you get stealth. This is really handy to have, either to save time and skip enemies or to use offensively to set up takedowns. You also get a tank spec, a straight up DPS spec, and a DPS spec focused more on actively using stealth and backstab attacks. It’s insanely fun but I never felt constrained to a “rogue” playstyle. Plus I think it’s currently the better of the two DPS specs. Finally, you have great quality of life skills like force speed, which you’ll love to have.

Ultimately, there’s no wrong answer, and it comes down to what you want to play.
- If you want to play a ranged class and either main healer or have the option to heal, Sorc is your best bet.
- If you want a single lightsaber, great all around class, with both tank and DPS specs, go Jugg.
- if you want a pure melee monster, with very high DPS but requires you to play smart and watch your health/resources, go Mara (in my opinion the hardest of these 4 to learn or play well, but also very strong).
- If you want a melee class with stealth, a “rogue” spec, straight up DPS spec, and a tank spec, with force speed and other nice bonuses, go Assassin.
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User Info: Neo_Tai

4 months ago#3
Assasin is a good dps and can be also use as a tank (if you play both) in my past gameplay i'd enjoy playing it able to use sealth and and ambush the enemy and give massive dmg you can also do that as a tank but less dmg.

I'd alway go both spec while been a tank you can do raid much faster since tank and healer are in demend a lots so you can join in raid in no time,dps is pretty high in pvp so i'd rarely see any tank in pvp well it been a damn while i din't play game game....(if i can make work with this new pc so far not to well)

First i would say built your dps first and then go tank but you can also use the pvp gear to raid the sm run not the hard mode cause you get wreck.

So if you want both you can use both pvp gear to do raid in sm and when you get all them gear up normally,this is what i am gonna do when i'll join back if i can -.-

Thus far i really enjoy my marrauder who use to be my main one cause i enjoy to have 2 saber on each hands and destroy my enemy i mostlly use one spec for marauder the smash class :P figure out do to massive dmg to single and aoe so plus witht he rotation i'd had never run out of energy.

But for now go sin they are really playful to use and you can stealth pass throught enemy or get them on their blindspot (aka get saber in the back)