Is it just me, or have they dumbed down this game really bad?

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  3. Is it just me, or have they dumbed down this game really bad?

User Info: NowhereMan87

5 months ago#1
I've just started to play this game for the first time since 2012. I've decided to play a Commando and I'm about Level 27 now and I haven't even died ONCE. I'm only playing this game for the story though. I have like two dozen skills but most of the time I don't even need them. I just spam the same 3 or 4 attacks and no one stands a chance. And even when my level is downgraded I have no problems at all. I even could beat those Heroes mission all alone (this was even before I got my first companion) , you know these that you are supposed to do with a group of other players.

What have they done to this game? Is it just that the Commando is overpowered or is it like that with every class? Or has EA gone down the same path with SWTOR as Blizzard with WoW and dumbed everything down that even monkeys could play this game?

User Info: SlightlySychotic

5 months ago#2
To be fair, the Commando is a bit overpowered right now. And the story is meant to be cleared by anyone. It’s also a lot easier to build up influence now than it was at launch (you get it for completing trade quests). This is on top of whatever Legacy progression bonuses you might have.
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User Info: NowhereMan87

5 months ago#3
This is a completely new account, so even with no Legacy advantages and relatively crappy equipment (the usual stuff you'll get as rewards) it's no challenge at all.

User Info: Bl00dY_ReApeR

5 months ago#4
The solo content is meant to be easy mode to focus on the story. You also level up so fast now that you are usually overleveled for the content unless you skip everything but your class quests.

Heroic are also meant to be easier now because they are weekly instead of daily and meant for a solo player to be able to do them with a companion. I guess that with all the group content they added over the year they decided to give the heroics to solo players. In a way Heroics instead of being harder actually make you stronger too fast and everything else gets easier. It's weird since they are available earlier but they are pretty much for max level character to get some easy weekly command points.

As for being dumbed down, they removed a couple abilities but there are still a good amount of them, enough for 3 action bars for most classes. It's the fast leveling that make you overpowered and remove the need for a lot of those abilities but they are probably still useful for group content.

User Info: Zikten

5 months ago#5
yea they did make most of the game much easier. you even get a droid that fights for you if you solo a flashpoint. meh. I have mixed feelings but I still enjoy the game for the most part.

User Info: ng1294

5 months ago#6
It is way dumbed down from what it used to be. It's hard for me to have fun leveling through the story now because it's just too easy. I feel like I'm just a zombie moving through it, and it kind of breaks immersion even, because I never feel like anything's a challenge, even when fighting bosses. I wish they would at least make the boss fights somewhat of a challenge again.

Part of what made this game epic through levelling was overcoming the challenges during the process. But they just want everyone to rush to end game for some reason, which is this game's weakest link.

User Info: The Rob

The Rob
5 months ago#7
I remember my first time through the game in 1.5 was actually pretty challenging: first time playing MMO, rolled a Sorcerer, small but helpful guild, mostly solo play. Died a bunch of times on the Hoth Force Ghost.

I almost feel bad for NEW players (re: newbs) now because they *roflstomp* through the main story and expansions then get to endgame with no real understanding of how to play their class.
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User Info: TheRaven1406

5 months ago#8
Yeah the leveling is now like playing a single player game on VERY EASY (or using cheats/mods that make you too strong). Unless you intentionally gimp yourself, like putting your companion on passive always (even that might not suffice on a class with self heals >.>) But in an RPG who wants to gimp themselves? It's counterintuitive. It's best to accept the lack of difficulty and view the story and leveling as an interactive movie. The challenge is in raids (hard/nightmare mode) and pvp.

User Info: EDarien

5 months ago#9
Yeah, the game's been easier for a long time. I quit a couple months after launch mostly because my PC at the time couldn't really handle the game too well.

When I finally got back into it, it had changed a ton. Companions do a ton more damage, despite not needing to be geared, their affection raises crazy fast and really boosts their power, mob packs go down a lot faster/easier, and you can solo all of those planetary 2+ man Heroics. I remember going through the first time and constantly trying to LFG Heroics on every planet because the mobs were so tough. As a tank with healer companion, I could do some of them back then, but it would take forever. Now, both running DPS and we can breeze through in most cases.

I think MMOs tend to go this route, though. The older the game, more players re-roll for various reasons and they don't actually want to grind through the lower levels too long, so the leveling process becomes more and more easy.
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User Info: FobManX

5 months ago#10
The big reason is because of companions. You used to have to gear them before. Now they're automatically as strong as possible and since every companion can fulfill every role, you get healer companions with OP healing right from the getgo which makes leveling easy mode.

There are a few time where I was caught without a companion(I send them out to sell junk and overzealously attack a big pack)and I got wrecked.
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  3. Is it just me, or have they dumbed down this game really bad?

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